Forest Essentials Bath & Shower Oil Indian Rose Absolute {Product Review}

Price: Rs 340 for 50ml


smells blissful
very light oil just like the other one
fragrance lingers on the skin 
My Experience
This is the other body oil I got from them. I am not a fan of Rose or Jasmine because they are not at all like the synthetic rose or jasmine smells which are too sweet and floral. The real rose and Jasmine smell Earthy and strong!! So, yes, it wasn’t my fav at first.
But, like I said, it takes a little getting used to and now, I absolutely love the smell. I wasn’t sure if these oils are worth their price. But, these few days dad was with me and I asked him to try it out and asked if it was worth it. He totally loved both of the oils and said they are amazing :)
Like the other body oil, this is also light and disappears easily into the skin but the fragrance stays with you almost all day long! And, it really is aromatic. I do have one doubt that whether this body oil is enough for moisturizing in winters or for extremely dry skin. But, yes, you can always layer it. 
Absolutely recommended though I do know that it is expensive!! So, I would say save up and get one of this and I am sure you will become a fan :) So, have you used any Forest Essential body oil yet? Oh btw, do check out my post on how to use body oils in various ways too!!
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