Do you stop in middle of your exercises? {Your Opinion}

This question is prompted by two facts. One of my friends with whom I regularly go for a walk always gets tired by the end of fourth round and prefers to sit down before continuing. We walk on a walking track of around 750 metres on which we prefer to take four rounds every night. Also, I have another friend whom I used to accompany occasionally on her walking trips and she used to totally halt in between the walks because she used to get tired. And, no it never used to be brisk or on a very difficult terrain either and not long even (around just 1km) and she always had jogging shoes on!!!

Yes, I do feel bad for people who are young and can’t walk even that much. This is when I always realize how important it is to be physically active because I do not desire to be in either of my above-mentioned friend’s place. I am lazy and that’s where it all ends. But, I just wanted you to ask if you stop in between when you are doing any mild form of exercise. Also, it opens up an interesting theory which I have been meaning to share with you all since quite long.

Did you know that when you are exercising, it is advised to vary your paces with time. So, for example, if you are walking, start slowly and then work up to a brisk walking pace and then suddenly slow your pace to slow walk and then keep on varying the speeds of your walk. Likewise, when you are cycling, going from vigorous to light to medium to heavy to vigorous is recommended. The reason is it improves stamina and burns more calories. But, at any point of time, stopping the exercise in between is never EVER recommended. If you are used to doing so, never ever do that!!! Always start slow and end slowly and if you feel you are tired, slow down but NEVER STOP.

So, for how long do you take your walks or keep your exercises going? Do you prefer to stop or vary your paces?

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