Do you love midnight snacks? {Your Opinion}

So, my question for today. I totally love to gorge on at midnight but yes, let me make my disclaimer here. Its a very unhealthy habit. You should eat light at dinner and go to bed directly (after two hours and by midnight, you should be deep in sleep). Being awake till midnight is bad for your health and gorging on food is even worse!! It does lead to weight gain as well. 
But, I totally love to have midnight snacks. At one point of time, I used to have ruffles and good day biscuits. But, I am trying to control and have slowly changed to hippo and aliva but I would prefer not to have anything in fact. I wish I could sleep by then but the problem is that whenever there is a Friday and Saturday, I feel like celebrating. 
Either, I end up watching movies or something on lappy or read into the wee hours of morning. Do you also have such habit? And, what do you think of midnight snacks? Do you have a healthier version for midnight snacking?


  1. Pranali says

    i used to snack on monaco! but these days if i get hungry after bed time- i either drink a glass of water or eat a small cup of dry corn flakes.

  2. says

    Hi swati.How are you ?Nice article.Ya,i am also a midnight-foodie ;( I mostly get free time only at night to surf the net,so i usually stay awake upto 2am :0 So what i do to maintin my weight(i am on a weight loss resolution),is i never buy any chocolate or chips to store at home.I know myself very well,and in-spite of my promise to only eat a few chips,i will end up eating the whole packet+the chocolates too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now about the low cal/fat snack,i choose from aliva,corn flakes,or salted backed cookies/biscuits i made from whole- wheat flour or oats.But a tip i use to eat less is i drink 1 glass of water before opening the snack.this way my appetite is reduced :)

    • says

      hey are you??? its been so long…where were you hiding ๐Ÿ˜€ oh me too…I am a big foodie and gorge on so many snacks at night…now, even i have stopped keeping anything and trust me if I don’t regret it!!! haha…drinking water is good but avoid salted biscuits coz that increases water retention due to high amount of salt…weight loss’s first rule – less salt and sugar!!
      good point on how to maintain weight if having irregular timings. gotta think on that coz till day, i only thought of maintaining correct timings. see, you always gimme new ideas ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Melissa Lim says

    I know this sounds odd… but I love snacking on homemade muesli – at midnight. Alright, alright, I’m cutting down… though I sometimes comfort myself by thinking, ooooh, healthy fibrous snacks can’t do me harm. LOL.

  4. Coral Crue says

    the problem with most of us is that we never get to bed on time or don’t eat properly during the day and hence we land up hungry in bed at night ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. says

    Its the Story of my life…I love midnight snacking..I just cant control myself..every single night i tell myself, no i will not eat silly things in the middle of the night and as the clock strikes 1am, something drags me to the kitchen and i end up getting something or the other from the kitchen and eat it =(

  6. says

    Hi swati.I was out of town visiting some relatives and my laptop started to show too many problems.Finally i got it fixed :) i guess i have a lot of blogs reading to catch up to ;)good luck n god bless :)

  7. casey23 says

    Oh midnight snacking is such a sinful habit :) I used to be famous with my midnight toast!!!! Oh my god, I swear in what time I do that same toast, it is never as delicious as midnight :) Sometimes, I just lose myself and did waffles (more than a few times!) But now I stopped that habit because I gained so many pounds that I can no longer eat like that! And I try not to be awake at those hours, but if I do I only eat fruits!

    • says

      don’t remind me about toasts…I so love a well-browned bread and butter especially the freshly made white butter or secondly, amul butter….yummmmmmmm, my stomach is really growling even though i had so much in dinner!!!

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