Dare to Change : Take out time for yourself

So, after a long hiatus, I am reviving my Dare to Change series because it really helps with my lifestyle. Now, the reason I wasn’t writing on this topic was because of my little unsettled routine and time, I wasn’t able to take out to think about my next challenge or anything!! So, this week’s challenge came from the same issue. 
Always try to make at least 15 minutes to think and do something you want to do. 
Now, lets review how my previous challenges are faring. 
  • First Challenge – Not that I am following it very regularly but I can still say that I am faring well in this challenge of mine because I know my body has got used to this exercise and I can climb up to 6 floors pretty easily. So, yay to it!!
  • Second Challenge – Ok, so this is such a difficult challenge that I am not at all sure I can ever succeed in doing it. Getting up 15 minutes early is a far away thing, in fact I have started getting up at 8 these days!!! So, nay to it and try and try and try :(
  • Third Challenge – I am not able to follow this regularly because of one major issue and that is boredom. I know I should stay away from laptop after a complete day spent staring at in the office and then while putting up posts and other surfing but I am just not able to do it. So, will have to keep up with it and try to indulge more in books :)
What about you? Are you trying out any of these challenges currently?


  1. nami says

    yeah its been one year i have started getting up early in the morning and my body has really changed for the good..i have becme a morning person now

  2. casey23 says

    I so envy people who get up like 2 hours earlier and go to exercise!!!!!!!!!!! I can sell my soul to devil for another 15 minutes to sleep while people just do best for their body.. So jealous….

    • says

      yeah, even i try so much but have never been able to get up!!! in fact, it does seem healthy and easy to manage time when one can get early and finish with exercising chores but it just doesn’t happen with me :(

  3. Roshni says

    Hey Swati, I like your third challenge. And am happy to say I think I already give 15 mins to myself everyday. :) I looove reading and usually can’t go to sleep without a book. So I end up reading till my eyes start to close .. this also helps me to unwind! And like you said in one of your previous posts, the body needs to unwind and be relaxed to get good sleep .. so yay to books!

    But like casey23 above says, wish I had the strength of will to get up at least a half hour earlier so that I can exercise :( But I have found that I really am excited about getting up early to exercise when it is a form of exercise I like. So since I like dancing and aerobics is a bit similar to that, I have downloaded aerobics videos off the net and I try and do at least 15 mins of aerobics everyday. Hoping to increase it to 30 mins in some faraway future :)

    • says

      me too love reading, Roshni…haha, i can’t sleep if i start reading, you know!!!
      even i wish i could get up earlier :( wow, that’s awesome….hope you succeed..do try and give me some tips :) I totally hate any form of exercise and I love sleep too much ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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