5 Steps to get fairer skin? {Five Series}

PS: This post is for all those people who have asked me to give tips on fairer skin. I am sorry that I couldn’t reply to you all personally but hope this post is helpful to you :)

Since quite long, I have been seeing a trend of questions on this topic from people who are either getting married or who have darker skin tones. So, first of all, I would like to say that you can’t really lighten the skin complexion. The skin color is determined by the amount of melanin your skin has and you can’t do anything to reduce the amount of this pigment inside your skin. Ok, after that bit of science, I would like to say that you can do somethings to preserve your original complexion.

Yup, that’s the first step to any kind of skin care. And, I totally stress on the importance of this routine. I would suggest Neutrogena Ultra Sheer but my favourite is MVO Moisturizing Face Screen. I have often heard complains that the sunscreen does nothing but the secret lies in using the proper amount of sunscreen to provide full protection.
Double Cleansing
To remove makeup or sunscreen after an entire day of work, use oil or a good makeup remover before washing your face. Its one of the most important routines of the night. 
Face Wash and Tone
Use your face wash as you would and don’t forget to use the toner if your face is oily. I would suggest using homemade toners for your skin type. Green tea for oily and combination skin and rose water for dry skin. You can do other experiments with them as well.
Moisturize and Nourish
One of the most important routines even if your skin is oily. Get a good moisturizer. Or, use aloevera gel if your skin is oily. Its the best bet. For dry skin, I would suggest using a facial oil or serum instead of moisturizer at night. 
Face Scrub and Mask
The above steps were regular routine. But, some extra love is needed to keep skin in perfect condition so exfoliate on every alternate day for oily skin or if you layer too many products on your skin at day time. And, if you have dry skin, exfoliate twice a week. 
For dry skin, use sugar to exfoliate. For combination and oily skin, mix salt and sugar to exfoliate. They have alpha-hydroxy acids which help with removing the blemishes and dark spots on regular usage. Also, they keep the skin supple and improve the skin tone by making the skin look brighter.
After scrubbing, always follow with a mask. You can use any commercially-available products. I would not suggest you to use fruit masks after scrubbing with sugar because fruits also have active enzymes and sugar also have active enzymes so that can too much for your skin at a single time. 
If you plan to use fruits, remember that they have active enzymes which do both the jobs – exfoliation and acting as a mask so keep the fruit juices on your skin for 15 minutes and wash off. Using sugar to exfoliate and using fruit juices as mask afterwards can make the skin sensitive. Honey is a good mask in such cases.
These are the steps I follow regularly to keep my complexion glowing. Please remember that whatever you do to your face, do the same to your neck and decolletage. You don’t want your neck and lower body to look older and uncared for. But, also remember NOT to overdo things EVER. Keep things regular and you will notice difference in a month. 
What’s your secret to preserving your skin complexion? Are you already following a particular routine or going to follow this routine? Do share your results :)
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  1. Anonymous says

    The tips that r given r praise worthy,but please do give tips about using home products rather than using commercial produts……

  2. Shoppingaholic says

    I loved the tips and it is certainly going to help us in getting clear and glowing skin. I would still steer away from anything that claims “fair”. <3

  3. says

    Sunscreen and moisturizer alone can give a significant difference already. I don’t do it to lighten my skin though.

    Anyway, this is a great post. You listed the safest ways to make the skin a little bit brighter. Some people do get overboard.

  4. Anonymous says

    good morning ma’am

    i am a teen i suffered from acne but at present i do not have much pimples
    but it had left miserable dark spots and pigmentation which has lead to darkening of my complexion . pls help

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati these tips are really useful and I have tried them out. But am apprehensive about using sunscreens since I have tried diffrent brands and upto spf 50+ and it just has no effect on my skin. I still tan. Is there an alternative?

  6. Anonymous says

    hello mam,i had very fair complexion but i got allergic from woolen which eventually faded my complexion.now my skin is very dark.i’m taking a blood purifier from twenty days to get back my real complexion and so far it’s results are visible.please suggest me some more methods for improving my complexion.i am eighteen years of age.

  7. Anonymous says

    hi swati i praise all your tips but tell me one thing -
    is there any alternative for sunscreens ?
    i am a teen and also in school I’ve increased the activity of sports so i can never prevent the damage caused by sun.But i am against of cosmetics .
    So please tell me what can i do for my skin naturally

  8. Anonymous says

    Hie swati…pls suggest me wat to do for too much oil secretion ovr face?actly durng d summers its really a horrible condition nd using makeup nd nethng goes in vain…

    • says

      apply multani mitti everyday for 1 week and then on alternate days and use aloevera to moisturize your face :) and, for makeup, use primer before using foundation. that helps and try mineral makeup. its powder based so might help with excess oil.

  9. Anonymous says

    I m a college goin girl. I had lots of pimples whose pores are now horribly left. Even some pimples do cums out now sometimes. I stay in hostel so plz suggest me something homeremedy. that I can do in hostel itself

  10. Anonymous says

    I hav lots of pores left by pimples. Evn now sometimes pimples cum out. I stay in hostel so I I need a remedy dat I can do in hostel itself. o elz my friends wil kip on laughing at my pores saying speed breakers.

  11. says


  12. says

    hi swati i have normal complexion and i want to look beautiful on my brother’s wedding which is after 3-4 months. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me some home remedies and i have oily skin and have some pimple and blackheads too plzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me i am waiting for Ur reply…………

    • says

      hi smita…first of all, you shall have to develop a routine for yourself. make a list of all the products that suit you. i would suggest with face wash. if you already have one which suits you, perfect. now, moisturizer. since you have oily skin, i can suggest aloevera gel.
      then, scrubbing routine. exfoliate your face twice a week. mix salt and sugar in equal quantities and mix honey and scrub your face till sugar and salt both melt. try to get rock salt and brown sugar or jaggery or raw sugar.
      then face masks. apply a face mask every alternate day at night. i would suggest biotique fruit mask or prepare one at home itself.
      and, in the morning, use sunscreen without fail.
      i am pretty sure your skin will look awesome by that time :) also, let me think a bit on the issue and i shall do a post soon :)

  13. says

    hi am normal in complexion pls suggest me some home tips r creams for fairer complexion. also let me know d advantage of using radish and curd for skin? one of d beautician suggested me this tips but wen apply radish on my face i get some sought of burning sentation pls help..

    • says

      i have no idea about radish and since its burning, better avoid it. you can use curd whenever you want. just apply it in a smooth layer on the face, keep for 15 min and wash off.

  14. Anonymous says

    hai mam,iam in normal colour,my weight is 43,and my age is 24,i do now how to find my skin is oily skin or normal skin.in my face there is no oil at all any time,so ihope that my skin is normal skin,for a weak i used to apply everyouyh,before that i have used daily n8 ayurvedic lotion,whatever i have used there is no benefit,what to do to get fait skin,and how to increase my body weieht as well ass my boods,plz help for me

  15. says

    hi swathi,
    my problem is my skin tone is not same all over my face, my skin color is little darker around my mouth and I have oily skin and I always have dark circles around my face
    age 22,female(un married)
    weight 45 kilogram
    plz plz plz help me

    • says

      hi Sweety…generally dark skin around the chin means iron deficiency so i would suggest you to take proper balanced diet. for dark circles, you can apply a drop of almond oil every night before you go to sleep and sleep well. also remember that if it is hereditary, nothing much can be done for them! for oily skin, use rustic art aloevera gel as mositurizer.
      and, for dark color of the skin, apply tomato juice on your face at night daily. it will helps a lot :)

      also, reg. dirt settled deep in skin, i do not quite exactly understand what you mean by it but you can do oil cleansing method:
      and, exfoliate once in every two days since you have oily skin. use milk to exfoliate your skin as it has lactic acid!

  16. Anonymous says

    I am normal in color and my skin is Dry. I am having small white pimples on my face from 3 months. Also my skin on face is rough & pores are open. plzzzzzzz suggest me how to get rid of these pimples & to get smooth, fairer & glowing skin.

    • says

      for pimples, use ginger juice. it will also help with glowing skin but you have to be patient with the whole exercise :) also, nothing can be done for open pores. and, exercise. it helps with skin.

  17. Rishik Dash says

    hi swati
    i am rishik. i was unhappy for my body colour. plz help me how i can get fair colour. plz plz plz help me as soon as posible.

  18. Sumit Kumar says

    hie swati,
    i m sumit, how can i get fair skin, my skin is oily and i just want to remove oil frm my skin permanently…. plz plz plz help me….. thnx

    • says

      follow the above steps for fair skin!!!
      and, you can not remove oil from the skin. you can just control the production. for that, use aloevera gel from the leaf regularly on your face and wherever you want to control oil production. apply the gel at night and leave it. it will get a bit sticky but do not worry about that.

  19. Anonymous says

    i am 15 and i get big pimples on my face and they dont go for a long time and also leave blach spots…
    What can i do? Plz help…i want to have a nice skin as all of my classmates are really beautiful….

  20. Sonam says

    i am naturally fair…but because of sun light my skin is becoming dark……pix telll how can i become fair like before

  21. Anonymous says

    hii mam

    my cheeks are dry and fourhead is oily. tell me that im having combination skin or any orther
    how can i get clear and fair skin

  22. Anonymous says

    hi mam my face n hands totally tanned original skin to black. How do i recover my original skin colour with the help of home remedies. please suggest me the what to use and how to apply please help me out my skin type is oily

  23. says

    Hey after 3days I’ve my fairwell party and i want my skin to look beautiful in all ways basically fairer and brighter.though ive tried many home remidies but none worked well .. please tell me 1or 2 tips to look awesome..Im waiting for dis day since 12 YEARS…please help me

  24. says

    Please don’t just say read above steps..gimme just 1or two tips if u can..something that will help me instantly.. il be really thankful if you will answer me:)
    Can i get fruit cleansing done from a beauty saloon?will it help me?
    Rply ASAP

  25. Anonymous says

    HI! Your tips are AMAZING <3 BUT… I need to know a quick and useful way to get rid of dry skin with salt PLS HELP ASAP !!!!!

  26. sneha says

    Hello mam,plz help me.I am 21 year old girl.I agreed that I was careless before about my skin in my school days,i had to expose in sun for about 5 years and 2 hour eachday.I was having fair complexion bt due to sun it burns completely(I was nt using any sunscreen or any products).i was still careless n did nothing.now i feel very dipressed when i see my face,it looks too dark thn my hands and legs.any cream tht i use is worth only for some time and thn it becomes as before.plz plz plz suggest me tips to make my skin as before.when i go for facial in parlour skin becomes gudd for few days,even makeup dnt help for more time and all these are expensive too,i want natural skin fair n glowing.My skin is combination of oily n dry.plz mam take me out from this problem.plz plz reply soon.

  27. Anonymous says

    hey mam i am 14 nd i have scars it makes me feel unconfident do u have any home remedy to help me to get rid of this even goin to the sun

  28. says

    how to get fair skin naturally is big challenge for everyone. This article is really helpful for us. You can read here another article which will also helpful to get fair skin easily in some days.
    5 daily habits to get fairer and glowing face

  29. says

    how to get fair skin naturally is big challenge for everyone. This article is really helpful for us. You can read here another article which will also helpful to get fair skin easily in some days.
    5 daily habits to get fairer and glowing face

  30. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati !!!! Thanx for sharing all these tips.I use besan+green gram flour as my daily soap.It feel comfortable using this.But i have heard daily exfoliation damages your skin and leaves it loose with pores opened.is this true?? i have switched to face wash for few days but i feel my skin remains uncleaned and oily,hence i switched back to besan..i have small pores on my cheeks,which might have caused by besan and i feel my skin has become loose also..suggest me if the mythz true or not.


  31. says

    Hi Swathi,

    Am so much worried about my complexion.,i have dark complexion from my childhood bt my body is bit fair not dark…my body and face differs…i want to make my face atleast matching to my neck colour….please give me suggestions how to become fair..i do monthly facials but no results :-(…what els i can do to remove dark complexion from my place…i wud b thankful soo much if u solve my problem.

    • says

      I do gold facial and natural fruit massage every month at parlour………but there is no result.monthly am spending 1000 rupees from 5 years for facial but there is no result…pls suggest me some tips

    • says

      hi Sphurthi. i am so sorry for not replying earlier. ok, let me tell you one thing. it is sometimes the skin is naturally dark so to make it of same tone as the other is impossible. i too have the same issue. my forehead is darker than my face.

      anyways, answering your question, please follow the tips mentioned in the above post and be diligent with sunscreen and apply face masks everyday. it really helps. also, eat more of iron in your diet. sometimes iron deficiency causes the skin to darken. i shall read more about it and get back :)

    • says

      do you apply sunscreen? don’t apply papaya daily. it is extremely harmful to apply it daily. papaya has strong acids which can be harmful to skin if used in excess. instead, buy a face mask available in the market which suits your skin or prepare one using gentler fruits like cucumber and tomato at home and apply that daily. mix cucumber and tomato juice, add a pinch of turmeric to multani mitti or besan and apply it daily. wash your face at night with face wash and apply this, let it dry and gently scrub it off. use sunscreen in the morning and cover up properly.

  32. says

    Hi swathi,

    I never use sunscreen in my life till now.i am 26 now ..after reading your tipsi want to use sunscreen so suugest me i have dark complexion and normaly skin …so suggest me which suncreen i haveto use and how much SPF……..?

  33. says

    hai madam. i have dry skin. i got some small black dots on my face. how to reduce that. please reply me. and i have skin color some normal. how to improve skin color. what type of moustirizer i can use. please reply me

  34. Anonymous says

    Nice post swathi. I have used Lumix cream for lightening my skin. It has natural active ingredients and works effectively. I agree with you that sunscreen is a must.

    • says

      hi Ashrut…may be your diet is lacking iron because of which dark circles are coming. also, rub potato slices around your eyes after face wash, let the juice dry and wash off. apply a drop of almond oil every night around your eyes to moisturise.

    • says

      hi Akshay. first, change your face wash to something which controls oil and does not dry up your skin too much. you can try out the various men face washes which have come in the market. once you are able to control the oil, your skin will automatically look glowing. its because of the oil that it looks dull and dark. also, at night, apply tomato juice after washing your face, let it dry and wash off. moisturize. this will definitely improve your skin tone.

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