Use SLS-free shampoo for hair growth {Tip of the Day}

This is a tip from a lady I came across recently. She told me about her hair story – how she had excessive hair fall and she consulted two doctors one after another and had been on various medicines and nothing worked out for her. And, finally, she simply changed her shampoo to Meera hair powder and her hair is now a lot healthier than it was. She also said that since she has switched, her hair has grown out a lot on its own. So, is it that may be the SLS shampoos are actually impeding the hair growth? Sounds too paranoid!!
Anyways, I have ordered the Soul Tree shampoo. I am yet to receive it. I did place quite a large order this time and shall be sharing it when I receive the products!! And, I am desperately waiting for the products to be delivered. The Kamini shampoo is good but I don’t really appreciate the fact of not knowing the actual ingredients. And, also, that shampoo dries out my hair  and scalp sometimes. So, I would like to switch to a more comfortable brand. I am just hoping that this would be the shampoo for me :)


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      yeah…I totally hated it, Megha :( even the lady said that its not the best but its the best of available. me too waiting for my haul ๐Ÿ˜€
      btw, do I need to reply to any of your mails, Megha?? I have one of the mails in draft so was confused.

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    I used the Soul Tree Triphala shampoo and its really good. it doesnt lather at all and smells of tamarind:)
    Switching to SLS free shampoo made a lot of difference to my hair:)I had less hairfall and healthier scalp.

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      YAYY!!:D..I know the feeling!!
      Another thingie..I was asked to give my feedback on their products and I got some free samples for that:)
      I got a cleanser, bhringraj shampoo and a shower gel!!
      Can’t wait to try them out..
      Why can’t companies have this concept of travel size bottles?Saves us a lot of pain and lets us try a lot.

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      I was interacting with them regarding ingredients and all that jazz..they then sent me an email saying that they would love my feedback and I would get samples for my ‘valuable feedback’!!:D
      Their customer care service is very very good. I shall send you the email if you want.What say?

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      hey Shruti…yeah, yours was one of the recos on which I got the shampoo and the ingredients list was another instigation!! I am just dying to get my order ๐Ÿ˜€

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      wow…where did order them from??? would love to get free samples…seriously!! at least we don’t feel bad if something doesn’t work out. waiting for your reply, Shruti :)

  2. Anonymous says

    yes, SLS has been proven to harm open follicles thus preventing hair regrowth.. meera has a small amount of SLS for lather..but the rest is herbal stuff…

  3. Padmaja says

    I too checked out soultree shampoo on their site…it looks promising…free of everything ๐Ÿ˜€
    From which site u ordered Swati ?

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      i ordered from naturalmantra. where did you check the products??? do they have separate site…I didn’t even search for it. yeah, the ingredient list looked promising so I ordered right away :)

  4. Pranali says

    i have used meera coconut milk shampoo few yrs back.i had picked it up in Vellore.but couldn’t use it again as it is not available in Pune!

    • Anonymous says

      No Swati…I just checked it out recently… I recently used Aroma Magic Triphala shampoo…but the smell is bit strong for me

      In the soultree site, click the right bottom link (BDHI standards)…in that click Producers…in that click Khadi…let me know what u think abt this Khadi :)

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      no Khadi is one brand which i don’t trust at all!!! but, to be clear, I haven’t used any but it doesn’t inspire me with confidence. I have written to soultree and they are probably sending samples. will let you know if this works out :)

  5. Anonymous says

    i am so much hating commercial shampoos right now… now that i use shikakai and other meera powder on most days, when i use shampoos my scalp feels very hot and heavy..sometimes i get headaches also.. i use only for special occasions nowadays…it gives me hairfall while washing also..
    its great that so many people have realized the ill effects of shampoos and how they harm your hair in the long and short ur blog.. its unique..

  6. Sudha says

    Hi Swathi,
    I was about to order SoulTree’s Triphala shampoo;
    But i’m holding it now, as i came across this blog.
    I’m waiting for ur review.
    Very nice blog.I got in just the right time.

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    Himalaya is SLS, silicone and paraben free.
    I was very skeptical about it, but found it to be the only brand which was available easily. My hair loves it.
    Looking for another shampoo though, cuz i like to alternate between a few.
    Any idea if forest essentials is SLS, silicone and paraben free?

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    Wow I want SLS free shampoo too!

    I am on a sabbatical now, and with the time I have, I tried making reetha shikaki shampoo for myself at home. Its tedious, but wort the hassle. Cleans oiled hair too. I used to use it as a school kid, inspired by my aunt. But the agressive shampoo marketing back then led me to believe my mom is a tyrant, keeping me away from shampoos!

    Slowly I started losing a lot of hair, and currently my hair is half the volume of what it was in my school days. I attributed it all to stress of studies, job, hostel life, poor nutrition, probable thyroid problem (No I don’t have any)

    Finally I returned back to RS shampoo once I read about SLS and in a single use, I was floored. Lesser fall during and post shampoo.

    Its biggest downside is the preplanning needed. I cannot just wake up one morning and decide that my hair needs a wash NOW! The whole thing has to be done beforehand. Plus the time spent washing hair is long. So not feasible on a working weekday. Or for mommies with small kids…..

    I want some SLS free shampoo for my “emergency” and “quick bath” hair washes….

    Meanwhile do try ritha shikakai. You seem to do a lot of DIY on your hair. This one is worth trying!

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      Well it takes some time to know your proper “mix” and everyone has their own formula but I’ll tell you what works for me.

      Take around 5 reetha and 6 to 8 shikaki depending on size and soak them overnight in huge coffee mug full of water, approx 400 ml is my mug size.
      Next morning boil the whole mix and then simmer it for 3 to 4 mins. Let it cool down. Remove the seeds from reetha and shikaki pods and soak the pulp in similar amount of warm water (I take it from my geyser while filling up water for my bath). So now you have a thick mix and a thin mix. Use the thick mix on OILED hair (its drying, R and S). Pour it in small aliquots , work on your scalp with fingers and keep eyes shut when this happens, coz the mixture stings eyes. Wash after a minute and repeat if you feel the need. You will, actually. The liquid doesn’t lather on oily hair, but starts to lather on clean hair. I have quite thick shoulder hair upto my shoulder blades and I need the whole amount for a clean wash. When you use the thin mix, remove out the R and s pulp and if you wish, soak it again in some hot water from your bath. While you clean your hair, you will get some more liquid if you want. But this is a precautionary step I take. I rarely use the third mix.

      Do try it. Some people condition their hair after R and S but I am striving for a chemical free hair care so I don’t. Plus I have a very oily scalp and hair that gets oily quick.

      Few links I’m sharing, I have also tried once the “urad dal wash” from the first link. Do check that one too

      Hope this helps!

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      Hullo! varsha,
      Just read your article, i used to prepare the R and S shampoo but my technique is little different. I found yours interesting, but i am little confused about thick mix, can you please explain that in detail.


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      Hi Anshula
      When you boil soaked r and s, the first mix that you have is what I have referred to as the thick mix. Now remove the r and s pods and deseed them, and add hot water to the pulp. The resulting mix will be lighter in colour than the first mix, this I have called the thin mix. Both are actually quite watery…..

      Please share your method too..

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      Hi! varsha,
      In my method, i soak r and s overnight in an iron bowl (iron makes the solution black and hence, helps in blackening of hair) and then remove the seeds next day and boil it for approx. 1 hr in an iron bowl (kadai) and after that sieve the mixture and use only the liquid part…the pulp can be used as paste for hair cleansing. this way i get enough mix for at least 3-4 wash.

  9. Megha says

    SLS/SLES and DEA/TEA are found commonly in hair and skin cosmetics. They are known carcinogenics(cause cancer) and are a HUGE reason for premature greying of hair!

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