The Big Bang Theory and Masterchef Australia

So, since I have shifted to the new place, I am really having fun!!! Ok, not so much of fun but its got its pros and cons. Now, one of the pro is having a television and I was flipping channels yesterday and came across Star World which was showing Criminal Minds. 
I liked it so continued watching after which Masterchef Australia aired which was also fun and I saw some really weird dish with capsicum called terrine. I would love to check out how to make it. And, then, it showed The Big Bang Theory. 
I have never watched it but heard a lot about it so I thought it will be great to check it out once. And, oh boy, its so hilarious. I laughed my heart out. And, since, today is the Friendship Day, they are showcasing the show for entire day. So, I am just loving it :) You should definitely check out Sheldon. He is my fav of them all πŸ˜€
And, wish you all a very Happy Friendship’s Day :)


  1. Pranali says

    i love love love masterchef australia. u should check out The Mentalist on zee cafe! another one of my fav! and happy friendship’s day to u too!

  2. says

    if you are not a paranoid person, then criminal minds can be an excellent watch. after watching all the 7 seasons at a stretch, I can’t help but think that every other creepy guy on the road is a stalker or a serial killer. but i watch criminal minds only for matthew gray gubler who plays the genius. and big bang theory is awesome! gotta love sheldon! i must say, nerdy is the new sexy.

    • says

      yeah, I did like the way criminal minds is shot and the fast paced action. haha…that’s what their tag line is :) I saw the first that he gets a girl friend in 5th or 4th!!! will download entire series.

  3. krishna patel says

    love your new blog layout and I always wanted to watch that movie but didn’t know it was that awesome.. definitely gonna watch it noww :))

  4. Shoppingaholic says

    Happy Friendship Day, Swati.

    And I love Sheldon too, I am all ears to his description of every little thing in terms of science from kinetics to mechanics. lol

    Shopping, Style and Us

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