Raw Sugar and Rock Salt {Ingredients}

I have been always raving about sugar and salt scrubs but I have heard so many complaints about sugar being too harsh on skin. So, I wanted to share the sugar and salt which I use for my scrubs.
Fab India Raw Sugar
Raw Sugar is called Khandsari in Hindi. It is a less refined sugar, next to jaggery which is completely unrefined. It melts easily on skin and is not at all harsh and exfoliates really well. You can use it in place of sugar as well. Its less sweet, as well!!
Price: Rs 150 for 100 gms (approx.)
Skin Type: Dry to Matured
Patanjali Sendha Namak
Rock Salt is amazing for skin. I found only Patanjali selling rock salt in Hyderabad so I used it. In fact, rock salt is a little clumpy and not free flowing but this one is as fine as normal sugar so I do have doubts on the quality. If you know of anything better, do feel free to use it.
Price: Rs 10 for 1kg
Skin Type: Combination to Oily 
So, do check out this amazing DIY using the above ingredients which makes your skin glow like anything!! And, do let me know your experience :)


  1. Pranali says

    i once tried using sugar granules with jasmine oil as a scrub! though the sugar used to melt away soon and my face ws left soft after washing it, it used to always get red.

    • says

      yes, Pranali, its because the sugar granules are really harsh on skin but this one melts really soon and not at all harsh. also, its possible that your skin is sensitive so the glycolic acid in the granules affect your skin.

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