Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture SPF 50+ PA+++ {Product Review}

Price: Rs 349 for 30ml

doesn’t leave the skin dry if you skip moisturizer
no tint so you can apply enough sunscreen for full protection
not for oily skin
gets greasy sometimes (may be depends on skin type)
My Experience

I have been using this suncreen since the time it was launched in June. It comes in a 30ml pack and is way more expensive than its counterpart but I have not really found much of a difference. Anyway, the packaging is a white bottle with a very thin nozzle which dispenses a little product. 

The product is white and creamy in consistency but very thin. But, the weird thing is that even a little product does get greasy on the face so applying enough of sunscreen really becomes difficult. Also, a little excess of product and you are left with a white cast as well. I, almost always, had to blot out the excess of product after applying the product (after leaving it on for 15-20 minutes to get absorbed). 
Regarding the efficacy of the sunscreen, I am really not sure if it gives the same protection as the dry touch. Because, I did find my skin tanned and dark in between and since some days, I have been again using the dry touch which has considerably prevented my face from tanning. And, the skin is looking a little brighter as well. 
So, I am back to the previous sunscreen for now!! But, I do think that this sunscreen will suit the dry skin beauties really well. The dry touch is matte and this one is moisturizing. I do skip moisturizer whenever I use this and it never made my skin feel dry. The only issue is that this sunscreen finishes off in a month :( Well, remember that you have to apply sunscreen adequately for proper protection?? 
Btw, have you used this product? How was your experience?
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