My Hair Diaries – July 2012

This month’s hair!!

As I had mentioned in my last month entry that I am discontinuing the treatment I was on and going through the same routine using over-the-counter products. Lets see how did it go?

When I looked at the above snap, my initial thought was that my hair is not looking that bad but when I compare it with my during-treatment hair, I was shocked!! And, felt a sharp pang of disappointment and exhilaration too. Disappointment that I left the treatment and exhilaration that the money was worth it :) Yay!! Oh btw, I need to go for trimming as well.

Changes in my Hair
  • I can definitely see difference in my hair volume, especially, on the bald spots (not exactly bald but really less hair and I guess its genetic) on the two sides of the head. Thanks to this oiling routine so I do recommend this to everyone facing hair fall and don’t have good hair growth!!
  • Since I have left the treatment products, hair is definitely less on shine!!So, yeah, that’s definitely not encouraging :(
  • I need an SLS free shampoo!! Probably would give Soulflower or organic surge a try!! Let’s see. 
  • Similarly, have to get rid of the stock of conditioners. Any ideas??? Nah, can’t put them on sale coz most of them are PR products or I got them for free and they are all tubs mostly so hygiene issues as well!!! Btw, if anyone in Hyderabad is interested, drop me a mail :)
  • I have not been following the oiling routine since like two weeks!!! Have to start following it again. Also, I can say that it is different from the regular oiling even though it takes a lot of time comparatively because using cotton stimulates the scalp better and also, the cotton method applies oil to the hair and scalp in a good quantity so the hair is softer and deep conditioned every time I oil my hair.  
  • Before I forget, I did face or rather saw many hairs falling during this month. Its due to the monsoons. Rainy season always causes hair fall so don’t really worry about it and check out this post on hair care tips for rainy season. But, that’s not exactly serious and will be fine within a month or two. Also, the major hair fall I saw was when I ignored washing my hair. 


    1. Pranali says

      have u heard of co-washing? i have seen vids on youtube about it. maybe this way u could use up the conditioners!

      • Padmaja says

        Ha ha…guess I missed giving my name :)
        the comment was by me…

        how can ur hair be horrible with the kind of care u take :)

        It’s the snaps that scare me ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Was just kidding :)

      • says

        haha….this is news to me that it asks you to prove you are not a robot and if you fail, it posts comments as anonymous!!
        gud that I know its from you ๐Ÿ˜€ trust me, my hair was really horrible :( or rather coz of my lack of care…oh btw, do you think there is any increase in my hair volume???

      • Padmaja says

        Frankly, I cannot make out the difference Swati…but it does look nice though less shinier compared to when u were on treatment..

    2. says

      I too face more of hair fall in rainy season..I am using an SLS free shampoo only currently..Vedantika Neem Tulsi Aloe one..but they do mention preservatives..might be parabens..I have asked them, yet to get a reply..but do try Lass Naturals range..I am also planning to get that next..

    3. Renuca says

      Hi Swati, try SoulTree’s Triphala shampoo, it makes hair soft and shiny (at least mine) :)..their products do not have any of the nasties we hear about.

      • says

        hey Renuca…I did check their shampoos few days back. now that you mentioned about them, I checked them again and found the ingredients listed. it really seems tempting :) probably would end up ordering right away ๐Ÿ˜€

    4. Anonymous says

      Nice blog.
      I like the way of ur writing..
      Can u plz help me.i m facing same hairfall problem and dandruff age is 23 years.My scalp is oily and hair is dry. If oil my hair dryness goes but hairfall starts.if not oil my hair ,hair becomes dry and still same hairfall.
      I am taking always healthy diet..
      Currently i am using sesame oil from aloeveda,
      I think my hairfall started after using The Body shop rainforest volume made my so so dry and after that hairfall has been becomes very thin now..plz help me..any oil which will reduce my hairfall and promote growth.and also tell me a sls free good shampoo..

      Nimisha Mukherjee.
      Mail –

      • says

        hi Nimisha…first of all, your hair falls while oiling because your hair is weak and is not able to handle the pressure of oiling. yes, it is possible that some of the products also trigger the reaction.
        if you have noticed your hair fall since the shampoo you mentioned, what are you using now? I would suggest you to leave any over-the-counter product and shift to natural stuff. check out products from auravedic or neev or rustic art etc. organic surge is also a good brand. I am not suggesting any particular because even I have not yet used any. I have recently ordered one and if it suits me, I shall surely write about it :)
        is the sesame oil you are using suiting you? ok, one thing I would suggest which really helped my hair was:
        I would recommend rogan badam oil. and, to control oiliness, I would suggest you to use rosemary and lavender essential oils, if you can. they help with hair growth as well :)

    5. Anonymous says

      Thank you Swati for your wonderful suggestion.and technique u said in the post i will follow.
      plz make reviews on these shampoos soon if suits on you(auravedic,rustic art,organic surge and neev)
      I already stop using The Body shop rainforest volume shampoo..and have thrown it to the sewer.worst shampoo.
      And aloe veda sesame oil is not suiting on me,still hairfall,but it made my hair sooo soft and very very shiney. but it fails to control hairfall…
      Rosemary oil and lavender oil which brand of rosemary and lavender oil should i use ..??
      Any idea ? Soulflower or any other? plz mention it…

      • says

        I tried the moksha essential oils and would suggest that. I had once tried lavender EO from soulflower but didn’t end up liking much.
        I am not going to try the shampoos which I have mentioned. they are just recommendations. I have ordered a shampoo recently which I will be writing about. if that doesn’t work,
        I will try something else.
        also, if you really think that oil is not suitin

    6. Anonymous says

      I will definately try rogan badam…
      I have seen Moksha in your previous posts of essential oils..u r doing realy great job by telling us elaborate description of each products.very it.
      But can u tell me,
      From where i can buy Moksha essential oils ?? any online site ?

      • says

        you can buy moksha from here:
        send them a mail and ask them the prices for your order. I would suggest you to make your order equivalent to 1kg because they charge courier charges for 1kg whatever you order. they do have an interesting collection of oils as well which you can check out :)

    7. Anonymous says

      Thanks Swati
      I have just sent a mail them.moksha. i ordered few days ago a shampoo from i have got the shampoo today which is IHA BIOSPUME SHAMPOO (anti hairfall and anti dandruff)
      It claims that it is sls free, herbal i dont know it is true or false…i will tell u my experience after using this shampoo..
      If u find ur Favourite sls free shampoos then plz definately make reviews.
      Have a Good day.
      Thank you.

    8. Anonymous says

      Organic Surge is SLS free, but it has an equally harmful ingredient (sodium coco – sulphate). I am almost giving up on finding an affordable sulphate free shampoo.

      • says

        sodium coco – sulphate is not harmful…just because an ingredient has sulphate mentioned doesn’t mean its harmful and this ingredient can be derived naturally as well…hope this helps :)

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