Meals should be full not heavy {Health}

Ok, so there is a lot of difference between feeling full and feeling heavy after finishing a meal. Many people tend to get confused. You should always feel full but any meal which makes you feel heavy or uneasy is supposed to undergo a review. 

What I call full?
First of all, any meal of the day should be stretched over a time period of 20 minutes of consumption. Why? Because, only after twenty minutes, can our brain signal that whether we have had enough of food or not. Also, I know that these days its very difficult for anyone to spend so much of time on a meal. 
We all tend to have meals on-the-go. So, obviously, you wouldn’t know whether you are over-eating or not when you have so rushed a meal which almost always makes you feel heavy or you do not have enough of food at once. So, make your food full of fiber. That will ultimately make you feel fuller. 
White foods
Avoid foods which are white because they generally end up bloating you so you feel heavy instead of full. When consuming white rice, try to take unpolished instead of polished as it tastes just like rice (for those who can’t like the taste brown rice). Also, unpolished rice has the advantage of being lighter than the brown counterpart.
What I suggest?
The reason I am doing this post is because very lately I had done a post on Bloated Stomach and what all makes one feel uneasy after a meal and as I have been talking about a changed place since a bit of time, I am eating organic food (non-perishable items are all organic mostly from 24 Letter Mantra which is USDA certified). 
Even though I am pretty sure that I am eating just as I used to, I do not feel heavy or bloated at any point of time or rather have not felt it yet!!! We are served unpolished rice here and I usually avoid it at night but yesterday I had it at night and even then, I was full but not heavy. 
So, make sure whatever you eat makes you feel full and not heavy. How do you prefer to eat?


  1. Roshni says

    Hi Swati,

    I bumped into your blog about a month back and let me tell you that I love your blog. You have information on a range of stuff and the bext thing is that you concentrate a lot on natural ways to beauty. I hate using products on my skin and hair and your blog is very useful to me. You even posted one of my comments in your post on Vitamin D. Thank you for that. :-)

    I have a bad case of hair fall for the last 3 years and have started putting onion juice as recommended by you. Will let you know if (and when) this helps!

    Keep up the awesome work and please continue writing on natural ways to enhance skin and hair beauty.


    • says

      hey Roshni…thanks so much for your kind words…you made my day :)
      waiting for your update on how onion juice is working out and I really hope it works for you :)

  2. says

    Awesome Post Swati. You are right Bloated is the word one feels after eating food nowadays. Do you think breaking our meals into six small ones might help?

    • says

      thanks Swapna :) I think yes, 6 meals will help a bit coz then one would eat less at a time but the most important thing is to be conscious about how much a person eats at a time and also what he eats!! also, I think raw materials do make a lot of difference as well.

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