Is your vision not 6/6? {Health}

So, this post is in general for everyone but people who are myopic or hypermetropic (I don’t know if that’s a term, someone correct me please!) should pay special attention to this post. So, remember I had told that I have got new specs for myself? I always get mine made from Lawrence and Mayo and would really recommend it to everyone unless you already know of a place better than that!!

Anyways, so these L&M guys also have an optician who checks out your power before ordering for one. So, I get mine tested from them since I have never found a single reliable eye doc in Hyderabad and I did get my vision tested in November by my regular doc. And, the opticians at L&M are great. I again digress!! So, this guy asked me how much time I spend on laptop?
And, my answer was literally almost all time since that was true. The number goes like 18 out of 24!! And, he was pretty distressed and told me that you should in fact go out a bit and roam around because its very necessary for eyes to be acclimatised to look at distant distances to preserve the vision. So, if you are also a researcher who loves to be cooped up in front of the system all time, go out and have a stroll and do some exercise outdoors.
In fact, I would say that initially looking at far away distances was difficult for me coz I felt as if everything was swimming after a mere 10mtrs. Yes, that’s pretty bad but then my myopic vision is pretty bad and its getting worse, thanks to laptop!! But, I have started going out for walks since I have moved to the new place and I am feeling better day by day. And, my eyes also feel relaxed not having to stare into system all time. 
Grab a book and curl up in a bed. The weather is too awesome to miss out such a chance!!


    • says

      seems like you have almost same power as mine Harshita!! yeah, its uncomfortable without specs but sometimes I have been on walks without specs…its damn relaxing but issues arise when someone who knows us comes across us and we don’t respond to them ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Anonymous says

    you can actually do an exercise by looking at something ten feet away and looking at something maximum far away.. do it for 20 times… first do for ten, then gradually build up.. its really good..the color green relaxes eyes in between computer use..

  2. casey23 says

    It’s so strange that people who deal with computer all the time usually gets myope (including my lovely it manager mom!) but I am hypermetrope. I can read anything from like a mile away but when I get in front of the computer the word gets scrabbled and I lose my sight. My hypermetropia is a low degree but I guess my eyes are very tired, it is almost impossible for my to work without glasses :( And the worst thing is probably because of my chronic sinusitis, I can only wear glasses like 2 or 3 hours!! I really need to do some eye exercise pronto!

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      yeah, I have never known how it feels to have hypermetropia ๐Ÿ˜€ and, didn’t know that chronic sinusitis people can wear glasses only for short times??? have you thought of contacts or lasik???

  3. says

    I don’t like wearing glasses and when I don’t wear them and go out,its a fiasco..There have been so many times when my friends wave at me and I think its some stranger..I usually take another road to avoid looking like a fool!!!

  4. Aks says

    Go for the old techniques i.e walkin barefoot on grass or try some carrot juice…
    regular use of some light eye drop will also help or use of Rose water.

    • says

      yes, walking barefoot on grass – heard a lot about it but donno if it actually works and carrot juice shouldn’t be taken everyday as it has yellow pigment which can cause yellowing of skin if taken everyday. will try out the grass technique :)

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