I replaced my roller chair with a stable one!! {Health}

This was one of the most important of the changes I did in my routine recently. As is the case with all offices, even my work place has the regular roller chairs in front of the workstations. Instead of desktops, we have laptops so the height of the chair is not much of an issue. 

I have been using the roller chairs since quite a few months but its not very comfortable and in fact, it strains the small of the back and the vertebrae overall. So, I could never sit very comfortably on it.  And, ultimately ended up exchanging it with a stable chair which has a proper base. 
Since then, I can sit fully back on the chair keeping my back straight which gives a good posture and I have never felt uncomfortable as I used to on the roller chairs. So, if you do have same issues, try this option (if available) and hopefully, you will feel equally better :)
Which chair do you prefer in general?

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  1. ife says

    i have always found roller chairs unstable… i also prefer stationary chair.. in our office we have expensive roller chairs and nobody sits on them but prefers cheap plastic ones… :) my boss says… all the money was wasted…

    • says

      haha….yes, roller chairs are not stable!!! but,there are some good quality roller chairs which are good and easy to sit in…my dad had one in his office which he used to use but even then it did slide off coz his flooring was all wood!! if its carpeted, the chairs don’t slide off easily.

  2. Pranali says

    roller chairs are the mail culprit behind back aches! you made a good choice by replacing them! also try using a lumber roll when ur sitting! it helps maintain the natural curve of the backbone

  3. says

    This is the first thing you should do to get rid of any form of back pain. There are some similar exercises one can adopt while being in office and get relived from the fatigue. I would love to see an article on this from your side.

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