How to take care of your skin when ill? {Skin Care}

Last week, I wasn’t keeping well so I had just left my skin to its own devices. I thought it would make a good topic to discuss about how to care for skin so I putting down my points to skin care when I am not well. 

Leave the skin as it is
Ok, I am damn lazy. I can lie on the bed for hours together. In fact, I have been doing the same today morning (written on Sunday afternoon). So, I just leave my skin as it is. I do not bother to wash, tone or moisturize or anything at all. Well, ok, one caveat. Before lying down or becoming lazy, do make sure that your face is clean of all makeup and grime. And, then, you can be free. 
Caution: Do not follow this if your skin is prone to breakouts coz you never know how the oil on the skin can react!! And, follow this only when you are not going out.
Sponge Bath

Leaving skin as it is works damn well for me coz I stay alone but if you do have someone at your beck and call, take advantage and ask for a sponge bath. You can add essential oils to pucker you up. And, it does make you feel better as well.

Skipping Skin Routines is OK
Don’t fret too much about skipping the skin routines. Its good to leave skin on its own devices once in a while. That gives it time to repair itself with its own process. Also, did you know that once you do not wash the skin, your skin itself starts the cleaning up process. Well, I think it might also be a part of detox process.

But, what if you are a stickler?
Aaah…I can’t leave my skin just like that? How can you even suggest such a thing? Then, my answer is to follow these tips:

  • Get a quick face wash. 
  • In case you don’t wanna skip bath, add a cup of salt to the bath water. It relaxes the muscles and eases body pains.  
  • Use a water-based moisturizer.
  • And, lie and relax. 
  • Drink lot of fluids entire day!!

That will keep you going and look great even when you are not up to the snuff. If you are a makeup addict, sorry, no tips!! Probably a concealer and lipstick should do the job, just guessing!

What do you do when you are not feeling well? 

PS: Also, sorry that there were rather less of tips than the encouragement to lie around 😀 


  1. Padmaja says

    What a coincidence, I was also lying on bed last two days…down with cold and light fever :(
    I leave my skin to take care of itself…when I feel like just wash and dab some moisturiser

  2. says

    Great post! When I’m ill, I feel the need to make sure my skin feels clean and fresh, as lying there feeling oily or grimy just makes me feel worse! I use some light moisturising wipes, with toner and just wipe my face and neck a couple of times a day. I still put my face cream on at night before I go to sleep as well.
    When I have a fever though, this all goes out the window and I just sleep all day!

    • says

      somehow moisturizing wipes always make me feel even more dirtier…i don’t like the layer they leave behind!!! haha…true, everything goes out of the window when one has fever or feeling even a bit hassled!!!

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