How to deal with nausea? {Pregnancy}

Motherhood is a divine emotion. It’s obviously a good news to know that you are going to be a mother but one has to be more responsible and caring coz your body is going to face drastic changes and you have a new life inside. Pregnancy starts with the feeling of nausea and morning sickness for almost all the pregnant women. Today I am sharing my own experience of the first trimester and how I managed them.

What is nausea? 
It’s feeling of uneasiness that makes you urge to vomit. It’s not always necessary that one vomits.
In pregnancy this feeling is stronger in morning. The reasons given are hormonal changes. As I am not a doctor (I am just a doctor’s wife), so I am not going to go into the details. I had severe nausea and vomits till the 5thmonth and then it reduced gradually. But, the degree of nausea differs from body to body.
Few things that can help you deal with this problem – Do’s
  • As soon as you wake up in the morning, eat something. Don’t keep yourself starving. 
  • If you have a habit to start your day with tea, change it now. Either skip it or add some toast or biscuits with it and even ginger tea can help you but my mom used to say take ginger tea only in colder climate so I avoid it in the summers. 
  • It’ll be great if you take an apple early morning and even before going to bed coz this will help clean your stomach and keeps you energetic.
  • Citrus fruits are a great help in feeling of nausea. I always used to eat or chew lemon or orange slices whenever I felt nausea.
  • Place potato chips or crackers near your bed so that whenever u feel hungry, you can eat them. This can suppress vomit but remember excess of anything is harmful, so just take few bites.
  • Try to get up during night to eat something so that u may not feel too sick and weak in the morning.
  • Stay way from strong smells.
  • Don’t starve at all.
  • Stay away from spicy food, colas and caffeine.
  • Don’t get over-tired.
  • Stay away from stress.

About the Author: This post has been written by Punam. Thank you so much Punam for sharing your experience and I am looking forward to more posts from you :) What say, guys sorry, gals?


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    This is a really good post esp since the families are getting smaller because of the circumstances, falling ill during pregnancy while alone, is really something families are scared of

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    Nausea and pregnancy go hand in hand. I use to have nausea during the second half of the day and would always have a light dinner. Instead of heavy and oily food try to take baked, light food and lots of fresh fruits.

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