Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Bath & Shower Oil {Product Review}

If you remember my June mega haul, you would have noticed this. This was among my first buys from FE and honestly, the brand is expensive and I always thought it was over-priced. Yes, I am cynical about most things :) Let’s see how I like this.
Price: Rs 340 for 50ml/1.69 Oz


Gokharu – Its an aphrodisiac and used for vata and pitta doshas. Its great for eczema and psoriasis and also relieves itchy skin.
Deodaru – Its extracted from the deodar tree. Its an insect repellant and has anti-fungal properties. Its used mostly in aromatherapy because of its aromatic properties.

smells absolutely divine
very light oil; doesn’t get greasy on skin OR hair
moisturizes the skin adequately
fragrance lingers on the skin 
elevates the mood instantly
My Experience
To start with, the entire FE haul didn’t really empty my pockets because I bought them against the gift voucher I received on redeeming my credit card points. But, this body oil was worth it!! So, lets start analyzing the product. I bought the travel-sized version because I wanted to try out many products though its also available in a bigger size for 1000 bucks.
I really don’t know how actual vanilla essential oil smells but this was a bliss. To bathe with this oil soaked in my bath water elevates my mood instantly and really relaxes me on the whole. And, the fragrance of the product smells natural and is strong but doesn’t hurt my nose at all. And, my nose is very particular about what it likes!
The oil is extremely light and disappears into the skin immediately. It keeps the skin well-moisturized and I am sure it would serve well enough in winters. Pouring 20 drops in hand-hot bath water gives off a very peaceful aroma and wraps you in the fragrance. A perfect choice for a luxurious and pampering evening or night.
I did try using it yesterday as a hair leave-in, taking two drops and distributing it evenly on the hair strands concentrating on the ends and after that was done, I rubbed my palms on the scalp. And, surprisingly, my scalp wasn’t feeling dry (which it had been for past few washes) and my hair is not weighed-down even a bit and is soft and added advantage was that curls are more defined.
Yes, I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone. The only hitch for me is that its expensive. FE has four bath oils. I have the Tuberose one as well but this product is more strong and I love this more. Somehow, I am not a fan of rose essence!! Seems surprising but actual rose doesn’t smell as awesome. Nor does Jasmine even for that matter. Both are strong and pungent and take a little getting used to. 
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