Tips on How to use Bath Oil? {Five Series}

Yes, as you can discern from the post title, I am starting a new series called the Five Series. I shall be covering all the topics as much as possible in which 5 points on the topic would be covered. You can send me the post requests too!! I shall try to keep these posts short and quick so that you can read them easily.

Massage and Moisturize
The regular use of oils is as a moisturizer. Aromatic bath oils are amazing for massages as they are extremely relaxing for the body and mind.
Aromatic Baths
This is my fav of all of the ways. I love to tip the bath oils into my bath water and add 5-20 drops depending on my mood and enjoy my bath. Yes, I smell amazing after that and can forgo moisturizing if I am feeling lazy. Great for hot baths as warm water releases the scent better (yes, a beauty sin!).
Facial Treat
Drop 5 drops in steaming hot water and steam your face. This relaxes your senses. Also, add it in your Pedicure and Manicure routines as well. 
Apply the bath oil on your pulse points and enjoy the aroma.
Hair leave-ins
Yes, these bath oils are generally light so you can take a drop or two in your palms, rub them together and pass them through your hair concentrating on the ends.


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