Dove Color Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner {Product Review}


Price: Rs 130 for 200ml

– not very harsh on hair
– does clean the hair really well in even one go
– has SLS
– can be drying for dry hair types
My Experience
The product is pearly white and cleanses very nicely. It removes all the oil in almost one go unless your hair is dripping with oil. Its not exactly harsh on hair and I found it to be less drying than Dove Nourishing Oil shampoo. What else should I say?  
Price: Rs 72 for 90ml

– very light so doesn’t weigh down the hair
– makes the hair soft
– adds a bit of shine
– probably doesn’t really do anything for the hair except for making it shiny
My Experience
As I mentioned above, the consistency of the product is light and very creamy so it spreads easily on wet hair. If you keep it less than a minute. it doesn’t really do anything for the hair but around even a minutes is enough to make the hair soft and shiny. 
Don’t know how much it does for the colored hair coz its not exactly a deep conditioning or damage repair product (colored hair is dry and might be damaged in some cases). Also, I don’t think it really made my year old colored hair glowing or soft. 
Overall Verdict
But, then, to do justice to the product, my hair color is pretty old and I have done a lot of things to my hair since then as part of various treatments. Overall, the range is worth a try.
PS: Product sent as a part of Indiblogger promotion.
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    • says

      really??? see how products act differently on different people!!! I never heard anyone having issues with dove at least. but, yes they are drying so probably they make your scalp even more drier than it is and honestly, I do feel my scalp to be a bit stretched sometimes!!!
      btw, which products do you use for hair then, Pranu??

    • Pranali says

      i am currently using forrest essentials honey-vanilla shampoo but at times it doesn’t remove all the oil from my hair!

    • Pranali says

      fe has lathering problems so i think it does’t have high % of harsh cleansers! also the fe website does say that it doesn’t use harsh anyways not gonna repurchase it.they use urea as preservative which isnt good anyway :(

    • Pranali says

      i wont even dare to step in l’ocitane till i don’t win KBC.. lol
      i saw a sls free shampoo from soul tree on natural mantra.guess i will try that next once fe gets over.

    • says

      yeah, using herbal shampoos are always inadequate!!! happened the same with biotique as well and worse is that even FE doesn’t specify all the ingredients!!

    • says

      oh my!! urea as preservative??? donno how much it will really be stable. yes, probably they don’t use harsh cleansers but then the product should be able to remove the oil as well and cleanse properly too na!! btw, L’Ocitane has good shampoos, it seems but its damn expensive. I am definitely gonna try organic surge. that seems to be the best bet.

  1. Lancy says

    Nice Review Swati.. The oil care range itself dried out my hair a bit so this is a no-no product for me :)
    THanks for sharing.

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