Do all shampoos work for me? {Hair Care}

Yeah, I know. Its a weird post but this is in reply to a really funny comment I got one one of my posts yesterday. So, the anonymous writes:
All shampoos give u good results?? Dove also kamini also Pantene?

I thought many of you might have the same question so I would rather do a post on it. Well, actually my hair type, as I have mentioned countless times is, dry and fine and feels soft to silky depending on its mood. I have colored it once last year and that was a disaster. But, otherwise, my hair generally behaves nicely.

As to all shampoos suiting me, mostly my answer would be yes. My hair doesn’t react easily and result in hair fall. Yes, my hair does get dry and the scalp also feels dry but no shampoo has triggered any allergic reactions and I don’t have any history of dandruff which needs taking care of. When talking about shampoos, let me start with ones I used this year.

Dove Nourishing Oil
It was drying for my hair but initially it was fine. The conditioner does a good job of preventing the dryness. But, why I said it worked was because of my lack of experience with better products. Now that I have used Kamini’s shampoo, I know how some shampoos can be non-drying. So, yes, this shampoo is not for dry hair but it did not dry out my scalp excessively and my hair behaved decently when I was using it.

Pantene Total Damage
Yes, it suited my hair because it did not cause my hair to get dry really soon. And, no itchiness either. Its, in fact, a good shampoo and the conditioner is even better.

Dove Color Rescue
Definitely drying!!! And, I have recommended it for only oily hair.

Kamini Shampoo
Yes, it suits me but it does dry out my scalp and hair sometimes. That is why I am searching for some shampoo whose ingredients I am aware of and is natural as well.

Those were the shampoos I tried out in my recent memory and more or less, I did like all of them. But, one thing I would say is that whatever shampoo you use, never ever skip on conditioner. Its very essential even if you have oily hair.  

Find products which suit your hair type but never skip on the essential routines. 

Also, please note that a person’s reaction to a product changes over time and may not remain same always whether the person is a blogger or a reader :)


  1. Coral Crue says

    I agree about the shampoo reviews you have put up, very useful post. I am also looking out for some good shampoos.

  2. HnB says

    same case with me.. one suits for a period.. then behaves differently.. it has a lot to do with city climates, humidity, hard or soft water.. and many more…

  3. Anonymous says

    yes.. this is my opinion also… exactly what i feel. 99% of ones suit me more or less..
    there are only four kinds of shampoo
    baby shampoo( bit alkaline)
    all the rest are just mumbo jumbo labels..

  4. Padmaja says

    The comment is cute :)

    Actually, as HnB said, lot of factors determines what shampoo suits our hair…
    I used to use garnier ultrdoux shampoo regularly until it was discontinued…but never was interested to buy garnier fructis though used couple of times…
    Himalaya anti dandruff gave me hairfall whereas Himalaya protien works fine…

    Swati, have a query…do u mix EOs while having warm oil treatment…if yes, do u mix before or after warming the oil

    • says

      haha…funnily enough, fructis was fine for me but ultradoux was horrible!!! himalaya didn’t suit me at all ever.
      generally before warming the oil but I warm the oil by keeping it on boiling water or something and not directly on the pan. but, if you are putting it directly on the pan, you can put the EO’s afterwards. also, I generally mix the EO’s in the hair oil bottle only so as to avoid the extra work!!!

  5. shruti pdale says

    hiiiii……i want to tell u that my hair is rough,dry,frizzy,dry scalp,dirt n lice.i m using dove shampoo from long years n there’s no change in my hair n whenever i wash my hair it becomes full dry so i want to ask u that which shampoo should i use

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