Dark Patches on Skin {Reader’s Query}

I am publishing one of the reader’s query and would really appreciate if you guys can give any pointers to the problem.
My daughter is 7 yrs old. There are some dark patches on her neck and elbow and knees. that makes her more dark . Can u pl. suggest me what shud i do ?

My reply.

regd the dark patches, are they coming now or were they there since before (may be from birth). I would say use sunscreen on her. I wouldn’t suggest you to use any DIY or anything on her coz she is too young to get into all that. just face wash and moisturize properly. rest, you can take care of as she grows up but don’t for go sunscreen. (I am sorry for this typo but I meant DIY) 

Her query continued.
Thanx a lot for ur reply. These dark patches are not because of this recipe. I dont know when they came but probably for last 2 yrs they are. I used many medicines given by Drs. but no use. sometimes they disappear but come again. Dr. say its eczema but some of them say no eczema. I dont know what is this but it really made my and my daughter’s life a hell. I accept color has no value now a days but on the other hand when somebody ask or make a fun at least that person (my daughter) gets hurt. She asks me to make her fair like others because she does not like when girls give comments. Anyways i m using ur recipe.lets wait and watch & hope for the option. When she was 2 yrs old she was fair (I used to apply besan and yogurt daily) but after that her color started becoming dark and when she was 5 yrs old then these black patches problem started. 

My reply.
hi Sandhya…yes, I do understand how it is when people make fun!!! especially on children it has even adverse effects. one thing I would suggest is sunscreen. another, what I am thinking is that she has probably got hyper pigmentation problem or melanin has been over-produced.

Honestly, I am baffled with the issue. I would suggest her to go to a doc but knowing the dermatologists, I know how irritating it can get and not to mention, the expenses!! In case, you have any experience with this issue, a lot of help would be appreciated. And, I do know that I am not a doc or anyone.


  1. krishna patel says

    I think you should use aloe vera because its by far the best natural cure for any type of skin diseases :)

  2. Anonymous says

    i wrote a whole lot of post and it vanished because of my stupidity. anyways. please check her vitamin/mineral levels.she might be vit d,zinc, selenium etc. deficient. contact a naturopath near you.put her in sun for 10-15 mins Without sunscreen and put aloe gel when she is back. coconut oil with a dash camphor is also very healing to scars. but please check her nutrition levels asap. good luck.

    • Anonymous says

      i hope thats the answer for little girl. we are raising a generation of severely undernourished children and that leads to so many more problems later in lives. i learn this lesson hard way and was lucky not to get too much damage. i decided to change my lifestyle entirely. i hope noone in any family ever get sick.

    • Anonymous says

      i can write a blog on that :-) but to put in simple way i can say that we are trying to go back to our roots. organic food, simple life, healing/meditation, handful of nuts, when its not raining good sun shine for few minutes, no stress, and good sleep habits(this one i am still working :-))no chemicals, now the only chemical we use is soap :-) . yoga is in my planned list. taking ayurvedic treatments as much as possible.living healthy is far less complicated and less expansive and less tiring then living unhealthy.

    • says

      haha…if not a blog, you should definitely write up a post for me :) oh, you can in fact, change your soap as well to the handmade ones. they are plenty available!!!

    • says

      Should i use fresh aloe vera gel or get from the market? what is the benefit of using coconut oil with camphor and how to use it? I allow her to play in sunlight for 10-15 min but i would like to know what we are trying to get by this? Need ur help.
      to whom i shud concerned for all these vitamin and mineral test which you have specified. thanx but need ur help.

    • says

      use fresh aloevera gel. donno about coconut oil with camphor thing. sunlight helps kill the germs in the body and helps with vit D development. u need to go to a doc.

    • Anonymous says

      Try using “Virgin Coconut Oil”, its best and safe for all skin problems as well for all skin types too, just apply it on affected parts or maybe even on whole body face just wait for maybe half an hour or more then wash !!

    • says

      yes, Padamaja….but, she said she has already seen two docs and really getting a good dermatologist is very difficult but yes, she should ask for recos from friends and go to a good doc.

  3. Padmaja says

    If she is in Hyderabad, then there is one Dr.Gauri at Care… My neice got treated for white patches(don’t clearly know her problem) by her and heard she is good

    There are good dermatologists out there if only we can search

  4. Anonymous says

    My 2 yrs old daughter have the same problem. She is fair but has problems on those areas too, her toes get dark spots also. I tried applying lemon but she hates the tingling effect. Try applying petroleum jelly after washing, especially at night. Wear socks for best and faster results on the ankles. It might be caused by too much friction on those areas. Advise your daughter to avoid putting pressure on ankles, knees and elbows (which we often do when we sit on the floor, kneel, etc.). It works okay with us.

  5. says

    HI Sorry for the late reply…. actually my harddisk got crashed and my daughter was hospitalized due to malaria……..i hope u guys understand ……Do u think omega3 (vegetarian version) can help? i have read a lot abut this but one of my doctor at my hometown says u shud not give until any doctor prescribe it. it may harm. I started applying vasline petroleum jelly. lets see what happens….today when i gave her shower with sunnipindi mixed with water (without rubbing and drying ) she felt very itchy…
    then i apply telco powder on joint areas. In singapore every day weather changes. sometimes it sunny otherwise rainy………what shud i apply while sending her to school? I started honey also i the morning.(with 1 drop tulsi juice or 1 drop of ginger). i need ur suggestions….. waiting……..

  6. says

    WHICH TYPE of coconut oil or mustard oil or gingerly(til ka tel) should i use for baby or kids face or hair massage? Is it different from cooking one? right now i m using PARACHUTE coconut oil. Is it ok? pl tell me abut that………can i use for hair as well. because for hair and face, issues are opposites. one need more hair growth and other need less. so oil shuld be diiferent………… pl clear my point…………thanx

    • says

      hey Sandhya….use any organic body oil instead of cooking oil for the skin and for hair, one can use cooking oils as well. i wouldn’t recommend parachute for body. you can check out brands for body oils. i can suggest kama ayurveda or omved or rustic art if you are living in india.

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