Dare to Change: Close laptop an hour before you go to bed

Third Challenge for the month is relatively easy for me but I do know that its really difficult for the people who are addicted to gadgets. But, not to over-estimate myself, I do like sitting on laptop till the last possible moment. 
“Switch off all gadgets an hour or two before going to bed.”

If you have read about my post on how to get undisturbed beauty sleep, one of the carnal rules of deep sleep is that you should be peaceful when you go to bed and this process should start a little earlier, almost after dinner. So, try reading a book (not e-books) before going to sleep instead of attending to comments and posts :) Bloggers do have a difficult life πŸ˜€
Second Challenge Progress
I kept this week’s challenge easier because I am really having issues with the second challenge (getting up at 7) :( I am trying. Ok, probably not very hard or honestly!! Its really difficult for me to get up so early but I am also happy to report that since the sun begins to shine in my room early enough, I do get up once at around 6:45 almost everyday. 
First Challenge Progress
Did slack up in between but I have started again very seriously (since only two days) πŸ˜€ But, I did check out that I have to climb 6 and not 5 floors!!! One extra floor in between and I am really afraid of supernatural creatures so taking the stairs at night is almost impossible πŸ˜€
But, I am definitely trying. How are you doing?
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  1. says

    I just read both the posts and congo honey, those are healthy changes πŸ˜€ If your workout a lil, it will build your stamina πŸ˜› See you wake up early know, use that 15 mins and workout, stairs will be easier πŸ˜‰
    PS: Don’t mind the unasked advices, I always HAVE to give them πŸ˜›
    Namita <3

  2. casey23 says

    Oh as I said before I cannot fully committ to the first goal (workplace is in the 8th floor but I do use stairs going downstairs!). But the second goal is really reaaaaalllyyy hard!!! Oh my god do you know that the 10 minutes more sleep really gets me going πŸ˜› But I will try to get used to it!! The third goal is a must for good night sleep but I always sleep with open laptop because I live alone and am a really spooked girl always worried if something natural or supernatural walking around the home so to stop myself listening to the empty house I always sleep with open laptop (watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

    • says

      haha…I know the second is so difficult and I am failing miserably in it. and, the third one, I can see that you are exactly like me. even I live alone so I keep the television or laptop on but its really bad for the sleep!!! but, now I am trying to get hooked to a book and sleep without laptop and all. but, I know about spookiness πŸ˜€ I have improved over the years otherwise I used to also be afraid of everything and nothing πŸ˜€

    • Anonymous says

      While I was reading this post I felt like adding a little thing,
      Since you feel spooky and I believe it’s mostly due to the all too silent atmosphere, why don’t you let some calm music ( for me it’s jazz ) play in the background while you read your book, set a time period to it ( may be an hour or half depending on how long it usually takes for you to fall asleep ) ??
      Hope u find it useful :)
      – HS

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