A News and a Request

Hey everyone, I want to let you know that we have a new member joining Perfect Skin Care for you. You have in fact read her first post as well. As to all those who thought I am pregnant, no, it was not a post written by me. Anyways, I want to welcome Punam, and gals and ladies, please make her feel comfortable and happy here :)
On the other hand, I have a request to all of you. I have submitted an entry to Indiblogger contest here (its on my other blog coz the topic was completely off-beauty). Its about arranged and love marriages. Please, please and please check out the post and do leave comments as to whether you liked it, hated it, enjoyed it or was at least tickled by it!!! I would be really really grateful to you all. Thanks a lot in advance. You can check the post here –  Behind the Scenes.

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