Weird outgrowth on my skin {Skin Care}

I went for waxing some time back like probably in March (not my latest one) and that time, something happened to my skin and I noticed some weird kind of outgrowth on my leg. It seemed to me like an outgrowth of dead cells but I am not exactly sure about it. And, frankly, it was looking too bad on my leg as if I have a disease or something. I asked the girl who attends me regularly and as usual, they are really clueless about anything. I don’t understand why its not compulsory in India that only licensed aestheticians should be employed in big salons where they charge you like a bomb!!! 
Anyways, coming back to the topic, I braved on and thought I would use Apple Cider Vinegar on the outgrowth!! I know I am crazy. But, thank God, it wasn’t my face. So, remember never to get face waxing done!! So, I took a cotton and dipped it in ACV and tied it to the outgrowth with the help of a bandage. It stinged very slightly on the skin but I kept it on till my next bath. It does smell foul though, let me warn you. Anyway, the next day, I noticed a significant reduction in the outgrowth and by next day, the outgrowth kinda peeled off and was gone. 
And, my legs are back in shape :) This whole recital was just an experience sharing and neither am I recommending it to you nor I advise it ever because you never know what you are suffering from. ACV is highly acidic and that is why it was able to get rid of what I believe were dead cells and don’t ever try such things, especially on the face or delicate skin!!


  1. says

    Well, reading your post reminded me of something, during may or june, I had something similar on the back of my legs, maybe from waxing, though I didn’t use anything, It faded away within a week or so! skin is so unpredictable, especially my face urrrghhhh :(

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      yeah, I do think that waxing does introduce fungus and bacteria into the body which might causes skin reactions :( good that yours was cleared in a week…I was tired to see mine and I really wanted to cut it off.

  2. Navdeep says

    This happened with me too on my arms. I had used those readymade wax strips by Veet. Anyhoo, I cleaned that area regularly with curd and also applied honey and almond oil on it until it healed. Ever since then, I always apply aloe vera gel or spritz some cold lavender spray on my limbs after waxing. It reduces the chances of bacterial/fungal growths.

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