Vitamin D not easily absorbed? {Health}

This is another comment (by Nids) received on my recently posted Vitamin D deficiency issue which might be very useful to you all.

Hi folks….been reading on this for sometime now and decided to add my two bits today. My parents are both doctors and they say that vitamin D deficiency exists not only because of less exposure to sunlight but also because Vitamin D is not easily absorbed in body due to Cholecalciferol deficiency which helps in Vitamin D’s absorption. So she gave me these sachets of Cholecalciferol powder by brand Caldikind (by Mankind brand). Each sachet is 1 gm in quantity and tasteless. She has asked me to add the sachet to curd or water and drink as its tasteless and have at least a sachet each since my bone density is less too (coz of mild Vitamin D deficiency). Each sachet is priced at Rs. 21. She told me to use regularly for about 2 months and then decrease it to 1-2 sachets per week. You can take your physician’s advice on this and purchase it from any chemist. I am taking this sincerely as one of my aunts who had deficiency suffered through lots of problems post the age of 35.

Also, Bhumika mentions here that Vitamin D deficiency is getting common over the ages of 40. So, get yourself a thorough checkup if you are above 40. Also, if you are a female, I would also suggest a mammogram. 


  1. Preeti Vishwanath says

    Good one. I had to give the same cholecalciferol to my 1.5 year old son since he was deemed deficient in Vit D because he was basically deficient in Calcium. Basically means having vit D isn’t enuf. You have to supplement it with calcium too!

    • Roshni says

      I would reword what you said a bit. I am Vitamin D deficient and am taking injections cause my deficiency is severe. Vitamin D is required for calcium to be absorbed in the body. Hence, the doctor is giving vitamin D to your baby for the calcium deficiency. With the vitamin D supplement, the calcium in milk and other products will be absorbed by your baby’s body.

      Given my deficiency and the research I did due to it, I have realized that doctors usually do not give you the full picture. They provide you with supplements for the deficiencies that you have but do not tell you what other things are required. For example, I also have a slight iron deficiency (low haemoglobin). So my doc has given me iron supplements. But he never told me that for the iron to be absorbed in your body, you need Vitamin C. That I found through research. So I eat more citric fruits these days so that iron can be absorbed properly.

      This has led me to research on any problem that I face. Of course, we have to go to the doctor for medical problems, but it also helps to research. This helps you to understand the problem better, and also gives you extra info. which will help you live a more healthy life.

      • Lucky says

        Hai i am lakshmi. I also suffered with the same iron and vitD deficiency. Doctor sujjest me RARECAP COMBI tablets. It is a combination of iron and calcium. Its worked amazingly. No need of natural resources. But only for 3 months.

    • says

      wow, Roshni….thanks for this…didn’t know vit D is imp for calcium absorption and yes, you are absolutely right about vit C and iron part…I have mentioned it quite many times on the blog and I really hope people have read those posts coz such small things can often be missed!!!

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