Vitamin D deficiency {Health}

So, I have been since long hearing about this whole thing about using sunscreens and then people suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Till now, I didn’t think it was worth a mention coz no sunscreen can cause a Vitamin deficiency for a fact. But, yesterday, my friend told me about her brother who has Vitamin D deficiency. No, I am pretty sure he doesn’t even what a sunscreen is ๐Ÿ˜€

So, what’s the whole deal about this deficiency? Well, you can attribute it to today’s lifestyle. We all avoid going into sun to avoid getting tanned, we all sit in closed buildings with full blown AC’s all time, hardly take out time to exercise in the natural environments (gymming has really gained a lot of popularity and people are ready to spend money there than getting out of their house, no judgements here coz I know many do this solely for motivation). So, when you have no time to go out in the sun and spend 10 minutes, you can definitely expect a deficiency of such a vital nutrient which is so freely available.
I have time and again insisted on the routine of waking up in the morning and going for a walk. Its great for health, body and soul overall as it works benefits in spiritual sense as well. Also, Vitamin D is also present in food sources like eggs, all varieties of fish, diary products like cheese, milk, yogurt, oranges, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach. So, don’t forget to eat balanced food and stay healthy.


  1. Vanu says

    I work in Centrally A/c building too bt make it a point to go out in lunch for walk atleast for 10mins. But for VitD, morning walk is the best and Doctors suggest only 30% of body exposure.

    • says

      yeah, me too thinks the early morning walk is best and yes, no need of long exposure but there should be exposure enough…the thing is lifestyle has become so hectic and luxurious that people hardly come out of AC!!!

  2. says

    Even if sunscreen did contribute to a vitamin D deficiency due to it’s blocking of the suns rays I’d still rather wear it and get my vitamins from other sources rather than run the risk of damaging my skin, which as we all know can lead to cancer. Like you suggested though, just 10 minutes in the sun would do. This is a message that needs spreading.

  3. Roshni says

    Hi Swati,

    I have vitamin D deficiency. Against the requirement of atleast 30, my vitamin D was 3.4. My doc is giving me injections for the deficiency and has asked me to be very careful for sometime as my bones are brittle and can fracture easily.

    Vitamin D deficiency is truly very common today (particularly after you start working as most people spend the whole day indoors). My suggestion to anyone who has this routine of getting up, exercising in the house and then going to work, to get your vitamin D checked.

    • says

      hi Roshni…you have really low levels of Vit. D and that’s weird…I do think its more because of your diet than the exposure to sun, right??? yes, you are right about exercising in the house!!! I am publishing your comment as a post!!

  4. Nids says

    Hi folks….been reading on this for sometime now and decided to add my two bits today. My parents are both doctors and they say that vitamin D deficiency exists not only because of less exposure to sunlight but also because Vitamin D is not easily absorbed in body due to Cholecalciferol deficiency which helps in Vitamin D’s absorption. So she gave me these sachets of Cholecalciferol powder by brand Caldikind (by Mankind brand). Each sachet is 1 gm in quantity and tasteless. She has asked me to add the sachet to curd or water and drink as its tasteless and have at least a sachet each since my bone density is less too (coz of mild Vitamin D deficiency). Each sachet is priced at Rs 21. She told me to use regularly for about 2 months and then decrease it to 1-2 sachets per week. You can take your physician’s advice on this and purchase it from any chemist. I am taking this sincerely as one of my aunts who had deficiency suffered through lots of problems post the age of 35.

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