Vedic Line+ BB Cream {Product Review}

Price: Rs 225 for 30ml


– gives an even brightened finish
– has pinkish undertones and gives a pink flush to the skin
– stays for 5-6 hours
– suits most of the skin tones
– very small quantity is enough
– may give white cast sometimes
– blending does create problem sometimes
– may not suit really dark skin tones, medium wheatish is fine though!!
My Experience
I love the packaging!!! Absolutely cute and girly and bright. It has a small nozzle which disperses a little amount of product and honestly, you need just a small drop of the product for the entire face. It smells nice as well. The fragrance is very light and almost non-existent so not to worry much about it.
after blending, see how natural it looks!!

The color of the product is light brown which suits even the fair skin tones. It has pink undertones which gives a pink look to the face even if you are a little yellow. The texture of the product is light and a little runny so it spreads easily on the skin and gets absorbed soon.

I did initially face bending issues but later on, a simple tip became my mantra and no blending issues from there on. This tip was published by Paris (check it out here). She says that when using fingers to blend foundations, one should use the whole palm instead of just the finger tips!! And, trust me, it really works. 
And, the finish of the product is very sheer. It gives a light glow to the face but otherwise your own skin shines through. It doesn’t really cover any part of the skin. The product does have spf 20 but then you need such a little amount of the product that the sun protection is just not enough. 
Also, sometimes, the product tends to leave white patches, courtesy Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide so use it in just a little amount. I don’t know why I always face problem while applying any tinted moisturizer on the area between nose and lips. Probably, I always take more than the amount required.
Overall, I did like the BB cream. My review is probably the last you will find but I have read all the other reviews and there are very mixed reactions to the product but not negative. Also, yes, this product controls oil and sweat to a very less extent. So, make sure you use loose powder to take care of sweat and extra oil. 
Regarding its staying power, I would say that it stays well up to 3-5 hours but doesn’t last entire day for me!! If blended portion by portion on the face, it does stay an entire day but the blending becomes difficult for me in that way so I avoid it!!! Otherwise, it does keep the face fresh till the time it stays.

PS: Product sent by brand.
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    No dear you are not the last, i shall take the honor of being the last one to review this ๐Ÿ˜› But seriously its a nice tm and gives a dewy glow to the skin. Thanks for the wonderful review

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