Suggest a powder and foundation brush? {Your Opinion}

Ok, so, everyone, I need opinions from you as to which is a perfect foundation brush and even powder brush. Pocket friendly but good products are more welcome. I did check out TBS powder brush but it costs like 1100 and I was like :/ So, please give your suggestions and also where those products might be available?? I have heard a lot about EcoTools. Where are they available?? Online??
PS: No, I didn’t go MIA. In fact, the internet went MIA! And, seriously, I don’t know how to treat these two days of silence – I had fun without having the pressure of putting up a post and this affected my routine of writing post in a drastic sense so its feeling really weird writing the post right now ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Pranali says

    my net was mia over the weekend too and it drived me insane! ecotools can be bought from

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