Some blog updates!!

So, I was really getting bored today and wasn’t in a mood to work at all so spent sometime redesigning some of the blog elements. Did you notice the new look of the blog? Do you like it? How do you like it?
I know the ads are cumbersome the way they are but unfortunately they are not working out in any other layout so kindly bear with me for sometime. I will definitely try to work out some way around them.
The upcoming posts would be mainly reviews as I am AGAIN falling back on the reviews for the PR products!!! And, some other products which I am loving currently. I have misplaced my camera and  need to find it in the load of baggage I have. Probably, will do it this Saturday. 
PS: This post was written on Friday!!! Anyways, I have a news to share with all of you so let me begin it the conventional way – Thank you so much for all your support and love to my blog. For those who are not aware, I do have another blog which I am trying to revive yet again so would be very pleased if you all could give me company there. The other blog is everything apart from beauty – books, movies, life, relationships and everything I feel about. Ok, to warn you, right now, you will have just one post and numerous quotes to read about. But, I shall be regular on the other blog as well. So, will be very happy if you could join me there. You can visit the blog here.


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