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Jabong is one of the online sites which had become really popular during the debacle of the much talked about “Glossy Box”. And, the website has been under a lot of spotlight since then. One of my acquaintances was talking about ordering from this site and being given a good service which made me curious to try it out. So, lets talk about it.

The navigation of the site is pretty much like any other. Earlier, their focus had been on beauty products but lately, they have moved the focus to apparels and accessories with a lot of notable brands. The payment options are endless and they do promise good service. They do have discounts going on right now. 
Anyways, check out what I bought from them. To give them credit, I received my order in just one day which has not happened with any other site as far as I can recall right away. So, that’s a good service. And, the packaging was good for a scarf. As it can’t be broken or is not delicate, it comes in a pouch packaging with bubble wrapping. It also had price and brand tag attached. 


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    Well, i saw jabong Ad on TV and thought of giving it a shot. placed an order at 8:30 am and got the package around 2pm same day……now that was an Awesome experience !

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    The experience I usually have with online shopping sites is not the same with Jabong. It is faster and much clearer than other shipments and dispatched consignments. I wish that Jabong team continues working like this at the speed of light.

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