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Horlicks and Complan at Perfect Skin Care for you
Last week, I had asked you a question if you liked to drink milk? And, from the comments, I realized that many of us love to add something extra to the milk, either to mask its own smell and taste or to get the extra dose of nutrients. I had already said that I love Complan, only the plain one though the memory boosters one is really good. In fact, I like to eat Complan just as it is or try pairing it with Threptin biscuits.
Threptin Biscuits
How many of you have had Threptin biscuits, put your hands up!! My hand is already up and as many of the people who have eaten these biscuits would agree, they taste absolutely nasty but, damn, if they are not power packed!! So, whenever I used to have this disgusting biscuits, I tried having them with my all time favorite Complan and yes, the pair tastes good :)
Have you had Cerelac?
Ok, this question is solely for the adults and not you 1 year old babies ๐Ÿ˜€ We all had Cerelac when we were kids and infants but have you ever tasted it after you have started getting to know the tastes of things? It really tastes awesome and I do have a fetish to have cerelac though I have never bought it yet ๐Ÿ˜€
Other Nutritional Supplements
Apart from Complan, I have tried Proteinex and Horlicks. Both of them are good. I have heard good things about Woman Horlicks and Amway Nutralite but Amway is too expensive and my friend told me that it doesn’t really taste good. But, Woman Horlicks, my mom recommended it to me.
I am right now taking Horlicks Gold which is also fine. The thing with Horlicks is that it always makes me feel full immediately and releases energy when compared to other drinks. And, I absolutely hate Bournvita and Boost, both of which taste like sugar factories and nothing else. Don’t mistake me, I had Bournvita when I was younger but slowly grew out of that phase!! So, what about you? How do you like to take your milk?


  1. Coral Crue says

    I use Complan Pista Badam flavour with soya milk, not regular milk. the combo is light and refreshing. just started last week and feels good.

    • Coral Crue says

      i don’t drink the packaged one. the powder we get is pretty good.i forgot the name of the brand, comes in a light sea blue box. but it’s mixed with complan so masks any taste hehe

  2. Anonymous says

    great post.. i am itching to comment hu hu.. i also dont like the taste of milk especially recently, unless its hot and sugary. When i was little i used to eat Horlicks mixed with a little water so it becmes a paste.. it was yummy..used to steal and hide under bed :).many memories. I also loved eating milk powder and Boost. Now i love sampling Cerelac and lactogen.. I also tried the Women Horlicks. It tastes a bit like iron but i think its a good product for women.
    I never tried the Gold wala…
    Reading your interview now :)

    • says

      oh my gosh…don’t tell me you actually bought cerelac and lactogen for yourself or you have a baby ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ don’t let anyone see or they will be shocked coz i know how my mom reacts to such things ๐Ÿ˜€ yeah, I like horlicks, it really tastes nice. gold is also good.
      do lemme know how u liked the interview :)

    • Anonymous says

      no swati… oh laughing here… i sample my nephew’s stuff sometimes… oh my sister is gonna hide now.. :)

  3. Pranali says

    I tried Pediasure in milk once! tastes like cerelac thoda thoda. i dislike bournvita in milk but i like to eat it on its own! Woman Horlicks is on my list now!

  4. says

    I don’t have milk :( But ya my family doc had told me to have Supradyn, a multi vitmain multi mineral..since I was facing terrible hair fall last year due to my exam stress and whole night and day studying which created an imbalance..and I did see a lot of improvement in 3 months…and I heard the same has helped others too..I had stopped having it suddenly..I guess its time to start it again.

  5. all that i know says

    though i dont hate plain milk as such, i prefer to go for some additions. i have never stuck to one brand. have used bournvita, boost, maltova, viva, horlicks, complan…my baby who was maybe 2 yrs or so used to fall sick quite often – cold, running nose, cough. always wondered wat i could give her. though i was an amway business owner, i never wanted to try nutrilite protein powder since i found it a bit expensive. i also tried to convince myself of the nutrilite powder’s pricing by comparing my fav coffee in CCD and Barista. didnt work either. once when i realised that my baby was falling sick often, i thought of giving it a try. beleive me it worked wonders and still doing so. the taste is a bit put off. but i mask the taste with complan. now that i have the option of various flavours, i have no fear. my baby is healthy, she rarely falls sick, i can take her out on a cold cloudy day outside.
    i personally would recommend to go for nutrilite protein powder….been sharing my experience ever since. more than 80% of my client list are my friends…

    • says

      I think nutralite powder costs around 1000 bucks!!! no way equal to coffee. well, good that it helped :) its expected at that rate :) my mom didn’t really benefit from it so may be it suits different people in different ways!!

  6. says

    Interesting post! love it! you can say that ” I am a complain boy”.
    Wonderful article! This is nice to see coming out as the correct nutrition is one of the foundations of healing! I would even go a step further and explore organic foods as the chemicals in our food supply do not promote healing and are counter productive in causing more problems as one can be more sensitive to these after a brain injury. Thank you!
    Skin Care Supplement

  7. says

    Wonderful article! This is nice to see coming out as the correct nutrition is one of the foundations of healing! I would even go a step further and explore organic foods as the chemicals in our food supply do not promote healing and are counter productive in causing more problems. Thank you!

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