Nivea Sun Moisturizing Lotion SPF 50 PA++ {Product Review}

Price: Rs 399 for 125ml

I am skipping on this part because I couldn’t get a better pic :( Sorry, guys!!!

– a medium consistency lotion which spreads easily
– smells nice
– does protect from tanning
– white cast!!!
– little issue with blending
– its PA++ and not PA+++ (the 3 +’s give highest protection against UVA rays)
My Experience
Since you all are already aware of my stringent requirements when it comes to sunscreen, doing an unbiased review is pretty difficult for me. I have needed a body sunscreen since long and this one came at the right time. And, Nivea being on the top of my beloved brands, the products did make me curious and I was very happy when I got a chance to try the products.
To begin with, the lotion is of a medium consistency and is pleasantly perfumed which doesn’t bother the nose and doesn’t linger on the skin either. It is of a soft yellow color and spreads easily on the skin. Now, this is where the trouble with the product begins. It spreads easily but it sits on top of my skin (which I have no issue with since its a sun protector).
But, it leaves a horrible amount of white cast which makes it absolutely impossible to use the exact amount of sunscreen which is actually required to achieve the said protection. One arm needs a tea spoonful of sunscreen which is around 5ml and I am hardly able to apply a really huge dollop on both hands :( 
I have not tested the sunscreen under stringent conditions because I got them a month back when I was in Delhi and in Hyderabad, it has been cloudy since then. In the meantime, I do go out in the afternoons around 11-2 PM slot and apply my sunscreen once right in the morning. 
Also, if you have read my posts on sunscreens, I have ranted a lot about the regular sunscreen ingredients being not so stable and break down on exposure to sun so I don’t know if this sunscreen breaks down or not but its ingredients are all same. But, I won’t say that my arms have tanned seriously or anything. 
Also, there is one claim which bothers me a bit. The sunscreen talks about immediate protection. As far as my knowledge goes, the sunscreen ingredients take 15-30 minutes to get activated and form a shield on the skin to protect from the sun’s rays. So, as a precautionary measure, I always apply this at the same time I apply the sunscreen on my face. No, I haven’t used this on my face as I didn’t want the white cast.

One word about its water resistant power. Since it gives a very thick white cast, whenever I wash my hand, I can see a layer of the white film where the water touches my skin and initially, I had thought it to be water resistant. But, once I was caught up in the rain and the whole sunscreen literally bled from my hands and it was looking really bad coz I didn’t have hankie or napkin to wipe off the cast and my whole hand was looking painted white!!! So, yes, its not water resistant in a torrent of rain but it does have some resistance. 
Also, since I have ranted so much about this product’s negatives, let me state some positives about its counterpart product – spf 30 one. It doesn’t give any white cast and disappears into skin really well!!! I am loving it and my arms haven’t grown dark even though I apply it only once in a day!!!
PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.
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  1. HnB says

    oh.. such horrible white cast it causes! tats an issue then..

    i wil stick to my biotique one only then! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    I love how this product protects my skin but the texture is just so yucky. Good thing I have Hamilton SPF80 for my face.

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