Nivea Hamper Winners

The Nivea giveaway winners are Nidhi and Gargi. Both have replied back and I am awaiting PR confirmation to forward your addresses to them. So, congrats girls!! The winners have been chosen using and not on the basis of their answers. And, check out their best sun kissed moments:

“I love the sun as it brightens and refreshes you early in the morning…but my best moment where sun was a beauty guider was when we visited tiger hill in Darjeeling..we were waiting from before sunrise on this view point, it was so chilly..just as the sun rose it showed the tip of kanchenjungha, worlds third highest peak..what a beauty!!next it started lining the whole range of mountains with a golden border and the rays fell on the opposite range only to reveal mount everest…nature can be so dangerous yet beautiful!!!” – Gargi

“In sun, I can remember my last year’s hiking in Bali and those wondrous days i spent on beach snorkeling and on water scooter. I was heavily tanned afterwards since no sunblock I have used has been absolutely water proof.” – Nidhi

Me: Girls, I am dying to go to Darjeeling and Bali :) What fun you had Nidhi and Gargi, I am sure that was a breathtaking sight. Yes, you are so right about nature being beautiful. Going near to the majestic Himalayas is equally awe-inspiring and when I went to the Swiss Alps, I was just lost!! And, the worst irony of the story is that my hard disk crashed and I lost the snaps too *wailing*.

PS: Kritika, did you receive the AloeVeda hamper?? Do let me know. Pranali has already received it. And, sorry for no beauty post today as I am feeling damn lazy and in fact, I am not well :( And, life’s changing too fast right now so I am trying to keep pace with it.

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