My Hair Diaries – June 2012

that’s my hair last month after the treatment

Verdict on the Kamini Hair Treatment

Well, the results are, as far as I can notice, positive. I have noticed my hair line on the crown become fuller and my hair is definitely more shiny and really soft which I am absolutely loving. But, I still need to work on the weighing down issues. Now, regarding the volume, I really wish my hair would grow overnight but since that doesn’t happen except for Rapunzel, I need to wait and watch!!!
Current Routine
this is my hair after leaving the treatment this week

My mom said that we should check it out for 6 months before finalizing. But, now, I have temporarily stopped the treatment because I wanted to see if I follow the same routine with over-the-counter products, will I get the same results. So, I have started using the Aloe Veda Herbal Oil but continuing with the ginger tonic and the shampoo. Right now, I am using L’Oreal Total Repair 5 hair mask as a conditioner and Dove Nourishing Oil Serum as a leave-in serum. 

So far, I have been using the changed routine for the past one week and the one thing which I was afraid of was that sudden change from the treatment might result in hair fall. Thankfully, that did not happen. And, even now, my hair is extremely soft and shinier but the shine is lot less as compared to the treatment oil which was amazing!!! So, that was my hair this month. Let’s hope I have positive things to say about the Aloe Veda oil as well.

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  1. priya says

    I am 19 plus. But my hair color is going to white.why is it happening? And how can I stop this? Please suggest me.I really require guidance about this.please suggest.

    • says

      hi priya. mostly it is heredity and genes and nothing can prevent it. try using neelibrigandi oil. easily available in ayurvedic stores but there would be no overnight results. unfortunately, it is something very difficult to get rid of.

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