How do you choose the perfect shade? {Makeup}

Ohk, so when it comes to makeup or to speak of the simplest thing of tinted moisturizers, I am at loss with the shades. If I could, I would have written a post on “How to choose the perfect shade” (hoping someone would steal the title and give me a good post instead :-D). But, since I am total klutz at it, I would rather ask you. 
Whenever I got to buy a loose powder, I have this SA apply it on the back of my hand and if it blends, its awesome!!! But, unfortunately, they forget one thing that back of the hand is generally least tanned and way different in shade than the face. So, obviously, many times, the choice of shade goes wrong. 
Now, I also have this issue of white cast. Have you applied a tinted moisturizer and found it to give a white cast? So, what does that mean – do I have to take a darker shade or a lighter one? Well, I am sure it must have happened to you when you were an amateur as well. So, how do you really go about choosing the coveted shade?
Also, what do you do when you have an uneven skin on the face? The same shade doesn’t go well everywhere, right? So, do you blend it with a moisturizer or buy two different shades and mix them? I think many do that as well but its not exactly very simple, right? So, hoping to see the tips from you :) Shoot them down!!
For those who are not aware, the shade of the foundation should be same as that of your jawline. Do check out my take on blending basics and please don’t laugh if you find it really weird coz I am really not great at it :(


  1. RAY says

    thankfully I don’t ‘ve that issue…the back of my forearm (‘as you stated’ is actually front of your forearm. ) matches with the color tone of my face. But I am always confused while choosing shades. The SA’s are so dumb here they make you choose wrong shades & many a times you finally choose a shade & they pack you a different shade, then don’t even exchange telling that they are not sure whether you used it or not.

  2. says

    SA’s have no idea about shades.. Many times they stick with one shade though they have a range.. They want us to look fair and give lighter tones. I think companies should train them well. And most importantly they pack wrong shades.. They are very hesitant to try it on the back of your hand saying its difficult to blend.. My face is more tanned than my hands.. Aaaargh!! And I can go onnn!

    • says

      yes, even I have seen that SA’s always try to tone down our shades which is something I absolutely detest!!! wow…checking out the shade after leaving the shop is a must then!!!
      yeah, even mine are more tanned but the forearm (as I was corrected by someone) is lighter than my face and my forehead is darker than my face…its very confusing!!!

  3. Vanu says

    u can try Kryolan again as it has lot of shades to suit every skin type. Kryolan stores have professionals to help u choose ur ideal shade

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