Hair Spa for Dandruff {Hair Care}

The reason I am doing more posts on dandruff these days is because I have ignored this issue for long as I never faced it and these days I am getting more inspirations on the issue. So, I was talking a few days back with a girl and she told me what helped with her dandruff. She has had an issue of severe dandruff since she was in 10th and she has taken numerous treatments, none of which had worked. 
So, as a last resort she went for L’Oreal Hair Spa. And, she has taken around a month of the sittings. The L’Oreal Hair Spa was used with the dandruff treatment ampules. But, she initially did not see any improvement. But, after one month of no change and after leaving the treatment, she gradually noticed the changes in her hair and scalp and found that the entire dandruff issue had disappeared. 
I wanted to share this in case if anyone has the issue and is tired of going through all the treatments, they can give the L’Oreal Hair Spa treatment a try. The entire service costed my friend around 8k (the whole package, not each sitting) with every sitting lasting about an hour to hour and a half. She, in fact, asked me to get a hair spa done for my hair as it really helped her hair (even the texture) and she is using the L’Oreal range of products only (meant for dandruff).


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