Do you suffer from Vitamin D deficiency? {Health}

I had talked about Vitamin D deficiency very recently in this post. One of the blog readers, Roshni, left this comment which I think is worth reading.

I have vitamin D deficiency. Against the requirement of at least 30, my vitamin D was 3.4. My doc is giving me injections for the deficiency and has asked me to be very careful for sometime as my bones are brittle and can fracture easily.
Vitamin D deficiency is truly very common today (particularly after you start working as most people spend the whole day indoors). My suggestion to anyone who has this routine of getting up, exercising in the house and then going to work, to get your vitamin D checked.

I would again like to assert that going outdoors or having a house which has plenty of ventilation is a good idea as well as a proper balanced diet is very necessary to combat such deficiencies.


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    Most of us do..more so vegetarians like me..even my aunt got those injections..and everyone above 40 these days is mostly affectd from vit D deficiency and recommended injections..

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      true Bhumi, veggies get less of proteins than non-veggies…me too not stopping eggs just due to that reason!! oh didn’t know that…guess once a person turns 40, they should undergo intensive checkup.

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      hi Mehak…yes, read about the road trip on your blog. hope you had a lot of fun and you are right about outdoor activities. they are really important!!!

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