Do colors define you?

I am really feeling low right now. The day was really bad!!! Anyways, so I came across this really fun game which I thought of sharing with you all. As you all would be aware that Lush came up with huge range of cosmetics and collection of colors which are, from what I gathered, really worth drooling over. And, the concept of Lush is that colors are connected to the moods. So, they have this fun game as well which determines your moods. So, check it out here and do let me know the results in the comments below :)
Mine were – Drive (Moving Forward), Strong and something else which says In Control. I must say these games are really fun ways to promote products!!!


  1. Pranali says

    lush came up with cosmetics???? that is news to me! and no matter how bad the day was, tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning for something good!

  2. krishna patel says

    Hope you will be fine :) I absolutely love the ideas from Lush.. they are awesome. I am going to check this out too ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. says

    Good morning dear swati…i don’t want to minimise your troubles, ‘coz you’re the one going thro’ it. only hope and pray
    that you’ll find a way through and everything will be fine again.
    take care.

  4. Khyati says

    hey, hope u feel better ! and the link to the game isnt here.. only advtg links r there. i wantd to do the game :)

    • Khyati says

      thanks for putting it. will chk the red links u put in yourself henceforth. I did the game ! was fun. My results are : Intuitive ( With greater awareness)
      Colour Reading

      Such a clever strength to have and one that can be called on for many situations. Be INTUITIVE and have the greater awareness. Trust in your gut instinct.

      Believe (And you’ll see it)
      Colour Reading

      Deary me! Who needs to BELIEVE a little more in themselves then? You know what? It is OK, you can BELIEVE in yourself and you will see the difference you can make. Look at your other two emotional choices, see how they are supporting you ?

      Dynamic (And to the point)

      Colour Reading

      Today, the talent you have or need is: ‘DYNAMIC!’ Make waves with this aspirational colour and wear it to enhance your spirit. You know what you are today – to the point, effective and able to achieve in all that you do.

      Must say, its all true :) these words define me very well ! :)

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