Auravedic Botanical Actives Pulpy Facewash Honey Almond {Product Review}

Price: Rs 150 for 100gms
– made of natural ingredients
– no SLS (I am searching for a face was without SLS) 
– cleanses the skin really well 
– leaves the skin soft and doesn’t stretch it
– stings the eyes real bad!!! 
– not suitable for excessively dry skin as it stings badly!!
– if you use excess of product, it makes the skin feel stripped
– it would have been great if it came in a flip top packaging
My Experience
I got this product back in February for review. But, that time, my skin was going through a dry patch so when I used this for two-three times, it really stung my skin badly. So, from personal experience, I can say that this product is really potent and is not for people who suffer from any skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. For the record, I don’t have any.

it smells really funky like a jelly (in a good way)

So, I had to discontinue using this product that time and I had talked to the Auravedic people too regarding this issue. They also advised me to stop using it immediately. But, last month, I ran out of my face wash stock so I decided to give this a try again!! My skin was healthy and not going though any rough patches that time so the face wash was good. 
Coming to the cons again, the biggest problem I have with this product is that it stings my eyes every time I use it. It was really frustrating. Yes, I do understand that it has natural ingredients which are not suitable for the delicate eye area. But, I do expect not to end up hurting my eyes every time I wash my face. Otherwise, it cleanses the skin really really well. 

Also, another issue with the product is that since it comes in tub packaging, sometimes I do pick up a little more of product and if I do use excessive product at one time, it really makes my skin feel stripped off and dry. The usual amount to be used at one time is a pea size of the product and it forms a good amount of lather and leaves the skin really soft and doesn’t stretch it at all. 

A flip top packaging would be a great idea for this product so that one can control the amount of product coming out of the bottle. Overall, I do want to give another variation (Rose-Saffron) of this a try but I am holding back just because of the stinging issues. Yes, it is definitely worth a try and one tub lasts for a month easily!!
PS: Product sent by brand. 
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  1. Shruti says

    Hi Swati…Looks great!!I dnt have dry skin but i have pores near my nose..wi=hich tend to become oily..can i go for this?

  2. Lancy says

    I have this face wash and like it a lot :) The only problem is their tub packaging.
    Nicely reviewed swati :)

  3. Roshni says

    If it lathers so well, how can it be free from SLS? From my understanding, SLS are used in soaps, shampoos and face washes to create the lather. Am I right?

    • says

      hi Roshni…yes, you are right about use of SLS but there are natural ingredients as well which cause lather. if you have used coconut or castor oil, you will find that excess rubbing causes lather. and, this product doesn’t give a lot of lather like the SLS ones…only decent amount!!! hope this helps :)

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