Arodent Ayurvedic Gum & Dental Paste {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Ankur Kumar
My Experience
I have suffered teeth problems since my childhood, also all of my teeth became light yellow in colour although I’ve always practised good Oral Hygiene. I was told by Doctors and Dentist that my teeth have adopted this colour because of the bad water of the area in which I was living.

I tried many ways to to make my teeth white which included chewing teeth whitening chewing gums which never helped. Also, some other natural remedies like mustard oil with salt n may others but never got the result. I also came to know about other treatments for whitening the teeth but
it  resulted in making teeth too sensitive.

But still, I was ready for it because yellow teeth  were very irritating for me as  I was loosing my confidence and also I was not able to smile :( My Dentist suggested me to use Aerodent toothpaste. I started using it without any expectation but results were amazing.

The light yellow colour have been completely removed from my teeth and also  teeths are whiter than before at least I can smile now with confidence. At first I just bought small Aerodent toothpaste tube for trial sake. I have recommended the toothpaste to some of my friends and 6 out of 9 who used it regularly got positive results. 
Also, don’t forget brushing the gums with a soft tooth brush while brushing the teeth as it is very important to take care of gums also which most of the people neglect.

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