Are you technology driven? {Health}

The changes in my home front recently have deprived me of internet since almost a week (at home). So, I was forced to live only on television which has very limited number of channels and even fewer were of my interest. So, technically, my time these many days has been technology free. No, I am not a phone addict at all. In fact, I hardly read messages!!
Since long, I have been trying to cultivate a life style which is less dependant on laptop and television and more on some productive work which keeps my mind chaos-free. I have observed that whenever I am alone and doing some work (any household work), I tend to keep the television on or run some movie on the laptop and as a consequence, my mind gets extremely chaotic. When I didn’t have anything on my disposal, my mind was calm and in fact, I enjoyed the serenity a lot. 
I read novels, in fact, literature and slept peacefully at the correct times and my sleep was comparatively lot deeper and undisturbed. Its just that for me, its more of compulsion of using something which is available on hand. When there was no internet, I didn’t even have to think about the blog except for one thing that I couldn’t post everyday!! But, I felt a lot relaxed as if I was on a holiday ๐Ÿ˜€ And, in fact, life was much less complex!!

So, what about you? Are you a laptop or BB or an iphone addict? Can you simply not survive if you are not connected all times? Or, do you depend on any gadgets too much that your life would seem worthless without it???

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  1. HnB says

    the initial day i feel a little lost.. but can survive without these gadgets easily after tat initial hiccup..

    i never care abt my phone even on normal days… internet is wat i m hooked on to..

    but nothin can beat a good book, chatting with hubby or nice nap for me.. :)

  2. casey23 says

    I live alone so I am kind of dependent on them but not in a sick way. For example on weekends I am with my boyfriend, so I never bother to go online or use my phone except to answer calls from mom :) But during weekdays, yes the house gets really silent and I am kind of paranoid android so I always turn on my computer and watch a show or listen to it during housework. But thanks to mercury retrograde (yes I do believe in this lol!) my router is started not to work for no reason, but I don’t lose myself without the internet :)

  3. Aks says

    Everybody is addicted to laptops, Pc, Tv, mobiles ,ipod n gadgets these dayz.
    Also social networking is keeping people really busy ,People are happy with their virtual friends rather than the real one.
    Everybody is forgetting the real life, The life we used to have in childhood playing games like pakdam pakdai, chupan chupai, Posham paa etc but today’s kids are obsessed with the gadgets n other things.

    Thats why I resrict my online time for 2 hours for morning and same for night.
    But I also end up watching a movie daily too :P.
    So I’ll advise people to take out some time for themselves, exercise reglularly, switch off the phone, leave their laptops, tabs etc , go outside and have a life….:D

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