Aloe Veda Herbal Hair Oil {Product Review}

Price: Rs 125 for 200ml (pretty decent)
Absolutely love the ingredients!!! Sesame oil is one of my fav oils for hair as its not very thick and heavy and is extremely nourishing and also prevents gray hair. A little information about Allantoin:
Allantoin is also used in medications for dermatological conditions including acne, impetigo, eczema, and psoriasis. Allantoin is moisturizing and keratolytic, meaning that it causes keratin in the skin to soften. This property helps skin to heal more quickly and to bind moisture more effectively, making products containing allantoin useful for dry skin and for healing wounds, burns, and scars. It is also effective against sunburn, chapped lips, cold sores, diaper rash, and similar skin irritations. (Source)
– made of amazing ingredients
– gives a bit of shine to the hair
– isn’t a heavy hair oil
– smells too sweet for my nose
– has some green color added to it perhaps
My Experience
I have been using this hair oil since almost a month after I have left the treatment. I have talked about this in my June hair diary. So, to start with its a green colored oil which has a really sweet smell. I am not a fan of strong smells and I am not a fan of this either.
Moving on, I have applied this with the help of cotton as well as I have mentioned here. Incidentally, the usage on the website talks about the same method.
For best results, oil your hair with Aloe Veda’s Herbal Hair Oil at least twice in a week. The best time to oil your hair is in the night. Leave the oil overnight and wash it next morning as this allows deeper penetration. If possible use heated oil as hot oil penetrates scalp better and carries the active ingredients to the hair roots. If done appropriately using a cotton ball directly on scalp this can give amazing results. To ensure that you do not damage the properties of the hair oil place the bowl over boiling water to heat the oil. It is advisable to apply oil in the night and leave your hair oiled overnight. Massage your scalp for few minutes even while shampooing and finish off with a light conditioner. Regular application stimulates the scalp and activates the hair follicles which leads to better hair growth.
it comes in a flip top bottle
So, I can say that yes, it does give shine to the hair. But, to be honest, the shine is less compared to the treatment I was on which really strengthened my belief in the treatment. I did not face any major hair fall or any other problem while using this oil.
One thing which I would say is that it seems to have some green color added to the oil. Why? I apply the oil from a silver bowl so there is always some quantity of oil which remains in the bowl and I don’t wash it unless I apply the ginger tonic as well (which is generally next morning, I apply oil at night). And, I always noticed some green color spots on the place where oil was present.
As to how much it helps with hair growth, I am not really sure coz its too early to say something like that. Overall, I found it to be a decent hair oil which gets washed off easily and doesn’t weigh down the hair!!! It leaves the hair shinier and softer if you haven’t used a better product than that.

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration. 

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  1. krishna patel says

    I use only sesame oil in my hair sometimes as a hot oil treatment and it does work wonders. My hair literally feels alive :)

  2. Pranali says

    i use their brahmi hair and scalp vitalizer! the price diff between the herbal hair oil and the brahmi oil is massive even though they are both oils in the end…

    • says

      haha…I just checked out the one you are using Pranu…its from their distil range which is supposedly high-end ones!!! don’t know the difference though….btw, does it smell of anything???

  3. Khyati says

    which sesame oil would you recommend ? i want a good sesame oil brand. and is it easy to wash off swati ?

    • says

      yes, its easy to wash off as it is to very heavy. you can try forest essentials sesame oil. but, if you stay in hyderabad, you can go for the organic sesame oil by 24 letter mantra. hope this helps :)

  4. says

    What kind of hair texture and type do you have? I only wonder since if you have straight hair or oily hair than this product would work much differently for you than for someone like me who has very curly, very dry hair. I can see why the lightweight moisture would be a nice option. Does the oil leave any residue on your pillow case when used overnight?

    • says

      i have curly hair but not extremely tight curls, in fact loose waves!! yes, any oil would leave residue so I would suggest you to keep it for 2 hours. that’s enuf :)

  5. Anonymous says

    hey!!! i read and its nice but can you actually suggest something which can help in stopping of hair fall and hair growth….i am very confused and just wanna have herbal thing for my hair…

  6. says

    My experience with this oil was quite good. The oil smells very strong which turns me off, though the product is nice. It is non-greasy, adds a bit of shine and with this it gives a smoothing effect,

  7. Anonymous says

    You may want to try Sesa Hair oil bhy Banlabs too as Its herbal and free of chemicals. Gives great results. Have been using it for 1.5 years now…

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