Aloe Veda Chocolate Vanilla Lip Butter {Product Review}

Price: Rs 115 for 10gms


Since the pic is not really clear, I will mention the ingredients here:

Sunflower oil, Soyabean oil, Beeswax, Sweet Almond oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Chocolate Flavor & Vanilla Flavor, Octyl methoxycinnamate

– its really buttery!!!
– spreads easily on the lips
– moisturizes the lips very well
– staying power is good
– stays all night long and makes the lips soft and supple
– tub packaging :(
– does get a little washed off when you eat something which happens with all lip balms
– it doesn’t repair the lips in a long term which is sad
My Experience

The product is brown in color but obviously goes transparent on the lips. Its really buttery and melts easily with body temperature and spreads easily on the lips. But, I have noticed that it didn’t help me with cracked and chapped lips. It just keeps my lips soft and moisturized till the time it is on the lips.

Ok, all lip balms do get washed off when I eat something or drink water. Though, it does have resistance towards water a little. But, I absolutely hate the tub packaging. No, I am not such a huge hygiene fanatic because I always make sure that no one else uses my products and my hands are clean when I am using them.

But, the product does tend to get in the nails and nail bed and also lip balms are more easily applied from a tube application. When I apply this lip balm with my fingers, it always spreads around my lips :( The product might seem expensive but it lasts really long. I have been using it since a month and I have finished only a little.

PS: Product sent by brand.
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  1. HnB says

    seems to be a decent one.. i am eyeing oriflame’s chocolate tender care balm these days :)

    i donno why i have started hating aloeveda as a brand… not gonna pick anything from them.. their shower gel is a disaster :(

    • says

      ooh!!! which one did you try??? I used their soap which was fine, not at all great and this lip balm is pretty decent and their herbal hair oil is also kinda good!!! seems like one has to be selective in the products!!!
      waise I know. sometimes, it happens that we hate the brand coz of one product failure. happens a lot with me :)

  2. Khyati says

    i tried their luxury shower gel – chocolate vanilla luxury shower gel.. but i liked it. i dont know if the person above tried the same… this one i tried was creamy, chocolatey and nice.

    • says

      hey Khyati…its just that some products suit and do not suit us so that particular product might not have suited her…the one you are talking of looks interesting!!!

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