Vedic Line+ Exfo 10 Avocado Face Scrub {Product Review}

Vedic Line+ Avocado Face Scrub at Perfect Skin Care for you
Price: Rs 175 for 100gms
Vedic Line+ Avocado Face Scrub at Perfect Skin Care for you
check out the oils – sesame, sweet almond, apricot, avocado oils and glycolic acid and glycerin!! and, it has papaya extract as well, wheatgerm oil which is listed just below yellow line and Portulaca extract which is supposed to have great anti-oxidant properties and fatty acids

– does give immediate brightening
– has apricot kernels or something which is not at all scratchy
– doesn’t do anything for the blackheads
– may leave a creamy residue on the face after being washed off
My Experience
This product contains glycolic acid which made me very curious about the product. Its packaging or rather the color of the packaging is something I really love –  a bright pink. The product is creamy in color and consistency and has lots of small granules which are walnut shell powder. 
Interestingly, the granules are not harsh at all. They feel like apricot scrub, soft and gentle on the skin. I like to help myself to a generous amount of scrub but the product will easily last for around two months if used regularly. And, results of the scrubbing is that the skin is left brighter and softer. 
And, if you noticed the ingredients, it has quite some oils which is interesting!!! But, I do have an issue with the product which is that the scrub does leave a creamy residue after being washed off. I do not like my products to leave any residue on the skin. Otherwise, its a really good and gentle scrub which will suits all skin types, even oily. 


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      hey, no peeling effect after using this. also, glycolic acid peels the skin only if used over a particular concentration and that’s a chemical peel…I doubt they put so much of it in a normal scrub.

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