Random Beauty Tips {Reader’s Tips}

“Whenever a pimple pops up, crush a few neem leaves or apply neem powder available in the market on the affected, the size of the pimple reduces & if applied regularly it subsides” – Uzma

“To make your skin glow, Take honey and apply on ur face for 15 mins n wash” – Umesh
“In summers after washing your face use ice cubes for toning your face” – Swapna
“My favourite beauty tip would be a mixture of powdered rose petals,a lil bit of sandalwood powder and mix it all up wid rose water or curd..Apply it on the face everyday after a tiring day at work or college for glowing and soft skin.Works for me every time!” – Shruti
“My favourite beauty tip is to rub tomatoes on the face to remove tan naturally! One can use it after roaming about in the sun instead of after sun gels.” – Shruti


  1. Anonymous says

    hi cn u suggest me a great facewash and cleanser for combi skin that deep cleanse face at such extent that one cn skip toner it should be available in india thnx

    • says

      sorry I can’t suggest any face wash coz I have never found a good one till date. also, you can’t skip a toner as it is essential for hydration. you can try using cetaphil, its a medicated cleanser available in plarmacies but whether it helps with oil control, I am not sure.

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