Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20 PA++ {Product Review}

Before starting the review, I want to reiterate that I do not support fairness products. I have reviewed this solely out of my curiosity and I wanted to see how much of the hi-flying claims it supports.

Price: Rs 249 for 50gms
Ok, so, it has a long one and I did click it but it wasn’t very clear so I am gonna skip this. And, yes, it has lots of chemicals. Btw, it has Niacinamide which is Vitamin B3 and it also has parabens in case you are interested.
– cute packaging
– evens out the skin tone
– makes me sweat a lot sometimes
– sticks to one place on my skin and refuses to spread smoothly
– doesn’t fulfil any claims of fairness (it claims to make your skin fair genetically)
– can’t use it as a sunscreen (this is not exactly a con)
– less on moisturizing
My Experience

So, this is my second fairness product. I remember long time back, I had tried out the Fair n Lovely sachet which used to come with magazines. I had tried it just once but I remember the texture of the cream which was a little powdery and felt dry. This Ponds one has the same texture. 

I like the packaging, though. But, taking enough amount of the product is a challenge when it is a tub packaging. I really wish they come with pump packing so that one pump or two are enough for one use. Take too much and the product clumps on the skin. The cream is a little thick and creamy and doesn’t spread easily at all. 

In fact, blending was a huge headache for me in the starting but then, I used my regular method of applying moisturizer and it worked really well. But, even then, I have to make sure that I have just enough of the product to cover my face otherwise it does end up giving a white cast and a patchy look. And, after applying the product, you can see some of the product clumped up in the lines of your palms which is extremely annoying. 

Ok, to speak good of the product, it evens out my skin beautifully and gives a very pinkish look to my face. The skin looks brightened and a little glowy. However, I did not see any fairness or any skin lightening in the long run. I don’t think it works on removing the tanning but I am not really sure of that.  It is suited for skin prone to more oiliness as it gives a mattifying look.
Ok, I do not really rely on my moisturizers to give me sun protection (I do not advise it either) so the product having spf is redundant for me. However, I have seen that the glow does stay till the evening on some days. But, this moisturizer is not enough if you have dry skin. It tends to make my skin dry even in summers (my skin is combination towards dry). 
But, I did sweat more with this product at times which was a shame. So, if you are looking for fairness, I would not recommend this. But, if you are looking for a product which evens out your skin temporarily, yes, you should definitely go for this. 
Fun Fact: I asked my dad to use this and his face was also a little brighter and even after applying this product. But, even he faced issues while blending it 😀 
PS: Product sent by brand. 

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  1. Krishna Patel says

    I have on of the ponds cream too and it is soooo difficult to spread it on your face. You literally have to spend time behind it. :/

  2. Anonymous says

    I have an oily skin,and maybe for this reason i dont find difficulty for applying it…only a small amount of it and it evenly spreads giving me a pinkish glow..but i promise that it has realy improved my skintone..and have got ridden of my dark spots with less time…i think it works well for oilyskin because i could not see the same difference for my cousin who has a dry skin.

  3. Anonymous says

    I m using ponds white beauty from last few years bcz its really very nice and effective but new ponds white beauty its not good. It makes my skin more oily.my skin not looks good.

  4. Anonymous says

    plz suggest me a cream for daily use and for fairness.my
    skin is neither too oily nor too dry, i can say a combination skin.iam rather confused in using creams of various brands.i am not very fair, just have a medium complexion so i offen search for fairness creams, i tried fair&lovely for a month, it was good, but vexed of its powdery texture.i want a cream without powdery texture, so plz suggest me faster

    • says

      hi…you can try using lotus white glow emulsion. it doesn’t have a powdery texture and gets absorbed into the skin easily and doesn’t really make the skin oily either or neither makes it dry!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    my skin is neigher oily nor dry and i have much dark spots on my face so plz suggest me is this ponds white beauty daily spot less lightenig cream suitable for my face to get a spot less and glowing skin?

  6. Anonymous says

    i hav fair n oily skin but too pimple n pimple spots….is this ponds white beauty help me get rid of this both problems????????????

  7. Anonymous says

    my skin is neither oily nor dry..ponds white beauty was very effective for my skin..but new ponds white beauty with gene white dozn’t work like before……will u suggest me daily fairness cream which must be as effective as ponds white beauty(old)..??

    • says

      i am sorry but i dont have recos for moisturizers because i have never yet liked any. but, i can suggest rustic art aloevera gel which is amazing for hydrating the skin but it has to be followed with some other moisturizer. you can also use almond oil. a drop or two will be enough for face and neck.

  8. Anonymous says

    hi i was using fairone cream since 3-4 years it suited my skin very well, but now since its discontinued am unable find any other cream. can u suggeste any cream and my skin not oily nor dry and i have a medium complexion

  9. says

    Hi..i have Normal and Fair skin,but i have many dark spots and dark circles.i tried Biotique cream, it was good, but i have got many pimples after using it just for few days(nt more than 10 days). does Ponds white beauty cream will be effective for me. i am getting married in next 25 days, i am looking for an effective cream which reduces my dark spots and gives me proper skin tone. Please please help me..

  10. Anonymous says

    i have been using this product for one month and it is good……but my pigmentation never fades……i want some suggestion how to remove pigmentation………

  11. says

    its correct the new ponds white beauty is not good. but according to me the old one is good but it is not now available in market . am i correct??

  12. Anonymous says

    hi my texture is combination skin can u plsss suggest me a gud one ponds white beauty makes me more dry and it doesnt working in my skin

  13. Anonymous says


    • Anonymous says

      Oh really?

      Guess thats melatonin you’re talking about. Please, understand that melanin and melatonin are two completely different things.

      Melatonin is a hormone which aids in sleep & mood as you mentioned, while melanin is responsible for skin color.


  14. Anonymous says

    ok, I will just say “Meladerm” made by Civant Skin care is the best ever, do not waist money on something else.And yup, sunblock at least 45 and Neutrogena face shield is very good.

  15. Anonymous says

    Hi my skin is oily .am not too fair I have a medium complexion I have u ponds white beauty it works well on my skin…. will ponds white beauty face wash go work well in my skin

  16. says

    hey.i was using ponds white beauty daily spot less lightening cream SPF PA++ and it was good and my skin was glowing after using it but today i just bought another pack (my old pack was over) and i bought ponds whit beauty daily spot less lightening cream pro vitamin B3TM multiple Uv protection and this is quite different form the one i bought before. its cap is of light orange colour not pink and is not that hard to spread as it’s composition is not hard or thick like before. it is like normal cream and after using it i found that it is not working fr me. infact it made my skin dull n black like never before. my clean skin was just ruined by this ….. first one was better with pink cap. so is this a fake product i just bought with orange cap..?? and the most hating part, i bought extra large size and now cant even return it to the shop . :(

    • says

      hey Sampriti…well, quite possible that the one you bought was a fake one. there has been quite a lot black market in this sector as well lately. well, i would suggest throw it and don’t return to that shop.

  17. Anonymous says

    hello, my skin is full of dark spot black head n dark now after pregnancy also more dry suggest me some cream

  18. Anonymous says

    hello guys, if u look your face smooth, clean, white & remove your dark spot & repair your deep hole etc…. my suggestion is u can use only vicco turmeric wso cream. and safi hamdard product. I challenge u everyone it’s work only 6 month. your problem is solved.
    this is my experience

  19. says

    i also tried ths it works for oily skin ladies not for dry skinned……..it does not get absorbed by ma skin… i hav a wheatish brown color so wanted to look fair…. ponds white beauty didn’t break me out bt at the same tym it acts as nothng jst make up… so which one wil b best for ma skin ponds white beauty crm or neutrogena fairness day cream or lotus herbals whitng gel cream…..
    suggest me fast…..

  20. says

    actly i got acne from the past 2 weeks…. this is d first tym ever n ma lyf i got severe acne postules…thn i went to doctor he gave antibiotics… mw acne s cured bt i hav redness vry badly all over ma face….and i dnt kno tht massaging causes more and nw face s full red i dnt kno wht s rosocea bt it luks lik tht inflammation….. mame suggst me fast its so urgnt tht i m going to atnd a function n sunday……

  21. Anonymous says

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  22. Sivani says

    I have using Ponds white beauty from past 5 years, but i tried to stop it for a week, immediately i have started getting pimples, is that anything related to stopping cream suddenly , Not sure whether i have to continue to put cream to stop this pimples. I never get pimples, this is first time getting pimple . Please advise.

    • says

      Hi Sivani. That is weird actually. Have you introduced any other product in your routine? Or, just left using this product? You can do one thing – use the product for 15 days and see if your pimples disappear. Also,ski does take a bi of time to adjust to change in routine so it might be just that a sudden discontinue after 5 years might just have irritated the skin. Do not tease your skin. And, the second option with you is to not use anything on your skin for next 15 days and see if your skin returns to normal. Just use all other regular products which you have been using.

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