My mini-giveaway winner!!

So, finally, I stopped being lazy and here is the winner – Monisha Thampi :) Congratulations, Monisha and your name reminds me of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope you received my mail and in case you didn’t, feel free to contact me.  Do contact me by Friday night otherwise I will have to pick another winner!!

And, here is her beauty tip (or rather “are her beauty tips”):

1. To reduce Pimples: Apply fresh ginger juice on pimples for not more than 10 minutes and wash it off. Do it for 7 days and pimples will vanish. Don’t apply near eyebrows. 

2. This one is a little interesting. I have a wider forehead. So I combed my hair sidewise so as to reduce its distance b/n eyebrows and head. And now I have those tiny weeny hair started growing from there and now i have a less wider forehead.

3. Fairness: Grind 3 almonds without skin like a paste and mix it with curd. Apply this mixture every night and wash it off just before going to bed. Use Besan or Gram flour instead of soap while you use this face pack. It gives an instant glow to your face and will lighten the skin if continuously done for a week.

4. Anti-Blemish: Take a thin slice of potato and rub on your face continuously. Do it for 5-10 minutes. Do it twice a day. You will see quick results.

5. Any natural treatments that are acidic in nature (eg: lemon, ginger, vinegar, orange, tomato, papaya) should be mixed with some besan, gram flour or honey to avoid over reaction.

6. Its a mail I got one day and try it out because it is amazing.Take a bunch of parsley leaves and wash it clean. Then cut it in small pieces and put it in a pot and pour clean water and boil it for ten minutes and let it cool down and then filter it and Drink one glass once a week. You will notice the difference which you never felt before. It cleanses your body like anything.

And, this is what she likes and hates about my blog:
“It is really a genuine blog. When I had the first look, I was really surprised as it had a lot of DIYs and natural beauty tips.The blog was very, very simple and had nothing which would suit for a beauty blog. Then I knew that this blog was solely concentrating on the matter it had and not on its looks. But now, the blog is far ahead of what i saw at first. I have been through most of your blog changes. But I think the new look is apt. The font is very simple. Now there are not so many natural tips like before. I would say the posts are now on advanced topics like Reviews, treatments, Perfumes :), Oils etc. I think your blog covers almost everything related to beauty. 
Do give more product reviews, Your take on different myths (which is my favorite), and more on hair growth recipes, Add more polls, Answers to reader’s queries. I appreciate one fact of yours that you find time to respond to all your follower’s queries. You browse and search a lot and give a complete note on any subject so that I did not have to search on the same topic more. I wanted to write down point by point, but it went on like that. All the wishes for your blog, Swati.”

And, boy, doesn’t she have patience?? She has answered both the questions so perseveringly, thank you so much for all your kind words :) Oh btw, in case any of you thinks, I have chosen her on the basis of the length of her answers, NO. Her entry popped up in and I forgot to take the screen shot so please don’t accuse me of being under-handed. I do think she deserves winning. I mean look at the tips, one could say she keeps a separate diary at her home ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh btw, absolutely agree with the wider forehead thing, Monisha. I too have a huge forehead plus less density at the crown really made me look a little weird but I got side bangs and now, it just looks awesome.  Btw, do we get parsley in India??? Will have to search for it. [Btw, guys, don’t think I am boasting about my blog by putting up what she has so kindly mentioned above, its just too flattering to not share **giggles**]


  1. says

    hi swati
    Wish yr mom frm my side too and as far as gift are concerned give her somethin which can remind her of you.
    and ofcourse plan a surprise b’day party have loads of fun tc

    • says

      sure Fatima :)
      no surprise party for any of us three in the house ๐Ÿ˜€ its an open secret. probably will go out shopping and dinner. and cake of course. and new clothes but no idea about gift :( dad’s already planned but I can’t chip in…its some jewellery so i told mom that I shall order some lush or TBS and anyway she won’t use so I’ll use in your behalf ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • says

      hey i have an idea how abt a cd of photos with the spl moments of u all had and if u can collect some of your mom pics like frm her childhood will refresh her memories and all try tat with backgrnd music ofcourse

      i did tat and they liked it.

    • says

      hmmm….that’s a good idea but actually we are not demonstrative in that way and I don’t even have scanner right now so can’t do it :( my mom has already been asking me to scan the snaps since ages.

      I will have to think of something else.

  2. Coral Crue says

    those are great tips. mom’s birthday- nice. well you can get her something she wants perhaps, ask her if she has been eyeing anything in particular. it’s always nice to give a gift they may be needing.
    otherwise, ideas like a pretty saree or outfit that she can use as women love dresses. a handbag is useful too

    • says

      she doesn’t eye anything for herself ๐Ÿ˜€ she has more sarees than she wears!!! guess, something from Swarovski??? last time I saw, they had pretty good collection. I hope they have something in my range!!

  3. Anonymous says

    yay…. Congrats Monisha..(reminds me of the actress.. poor thing)..what superb tips.. yes u do get parsley in India..I too got bangs at last and it makes a lot of difference.. and like Monisha said.. hairs started growing..Get ur mom an awesome saree..and lots of love n chocs..u can get her special jewelry also..
    Happy birthday to ur mom..Moms are special!!

  4. Anonymous says

    happy birth day to ur may .. may god bless her…
    i just wanna ask that wheather is good to use ist 7 day for pimple ginger jucice ,then after almond for fairness or slice of potato for anti blemish … how often we can use this tips at different tym can u explainme in detail????

    • says

      thanks :)

      well, can’t answer your questions accurately coz I haven’t tried but will definitely refer them to Monisha when she replies me back!!!
      also, my suggestion would be to keep the treatments on alternate days. and, use only one treatment at a time. don’t overdo things.

      if you are doing spot treatment with ginger, yes, you can do it everyday. just a drop is anyway enough so it wouldn’t harm :)

    • Anonymous says

      i want to do for frainess wheather i should use every day almond??? and till how much day i should use?

  5. Anonymous says

    hey!!! i have pimple on my face ..i started apply ginger…today is my 4th day i appled but no diffference i have seen even apply my face start buring but i bier the pain… whether pimple wil vinish??????? plzzzzzzz let me know????

    • says

      just coz something is burning doesn’t mean it will work…stop using it…its not suiting your skin!!! and, no pimple doesn’t simply vanish because you have tried a home remedy. use turmeric on it. mix turmeric with water and spot apply on the pimple every night. it shouldn’t burn either and it will reduce the pimple in a couple of days. hope this helps :)

    • Anonymous says

      u mean that i should not use ginger???
      and i have to use turmeric with water thats it???
      i want to ask that my skin is oily so which face wash i should aplly???? befor i was apppling clean and clear …. wheter turmeric vanish pimple??? m confused?? plzz help me

    • Anonymous says

      i have 1 more problem m having white hair my age is 17 m very worried abt it soo u hav any tips how white hair will vanish????

    • says

      no home remedy is sure shot…I can only suggest you to try out something which worked for me, I can’t say if it will really work or not. if you feel, you should seek a doctor’s consultation for sure shot treatments.
      i can’t say about oily skin face wash but you might want to check out neutrogena deep clean.
      white hair is generally genetic and can’t be helped. you can use mustard or sesame oil which can help stop the white hair growth after a while but nothing can be done for the hair which has already become white.

    • Anonymous says

      i got another home remedies that for oily skin is honey +cumber+milk i applied today i want to ask that whether i shuld aplly every day this mask ????

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