Ice Cubes to control Sweat {Tip of the Day}

It’s so hot in Delhi and I sweat a lot so I really need something extra for keeping the sweat away. And, I remembered my ice cube tip which I used to use pretty long back. So, I decided to use it again. And, oh, it feels so good in this sultry heat. So, the tip is simple. Take an ice cube and rub it thoroughly on your face and neck till it melts away. And, let it dry or use a wash cloth to drain out the extra water and you are good to go!!! Using an ice cube ensured that I didn’t sweat excessively afterwards and also, it kept my skin relatively cool.

Also, another tip is to use the ice cube before applying the makeup to make it last longer. Also, using an ice cube helps the foundation to go evenly on the skin and hide the pores as well as they get constricted. Ok, so sometime back, I also received a comment saying that applying ice cubes makes the skin dry. No, it doesn’t. In fact, its just water so it hydrates the skin. Also, yes, you have to moisturize afterwards if you have a dry skin. Since my skin does get sweaty, I avoid moisturizers sometimes but its not a healthy habit. In fact, I didn’t avoid moisturizer after applying the ice cube since the moisturizer does get absorbed pretty quickly due to the damp skin. Find a good moisturizer for your skin type and don’t skip it ever!!
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  1. Marita Sequiera says

    Hi! I suffer from this problem of excessive sweating specially on my face. I am a college student and it really gets embarassing in summers wwhen everyone around me is atleast dry with the fans on and i am pouring buckets of sweat :( buying anti perspirant creams is too costly a choice for me right now. Will ice cubes help reduce or atleast control my excessive face sweating problem? Being a girl its really difficult :(

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