How much moisturizer do you use? {Skin Care}

Did you know that you just need a pea size amount of moisturiser for your face??? I am in the league of people who always end up using more than enough of the product, be it any, howsoever much I may try. So, I decided that I would educate you all on this very important issue as it saves our bucks and our skin as well :) Excess of product is really not good for skin as it sits on the skin and ends up clogging the pores.

Just a pea drop!!

I have come to love the pump packaging more than any other as they deliver right amount of pea size we need for covering the face and another for the neck. I always take only a pump and rub my hands and simply press it on to my face starting with cheeks and going all over the face including forehead, nose, chin and skin between lips and nose and of course, the eye area. 
How to apply the moisturiser?
Rubbing the palms melts the moisturiser a bit and makes it more runny and pressing the palms gently on the face allows the moisturiser to get absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving any residue on the palms. Try this out today and you will love this method. The best part of this is that you don’t need to move the skin on the face and the under-eye area and that, of course, prevents any unwanted wrinkles!! 
I always start out with the cheek area and then, go on to forehead, chin and then nose and at last, the skin around the eyes. I saw this method on Paris’s blog and have been following it since quite long and I am loving it. This method is great for even the moisturisers which come in tub but generally, we do end up scooping out more than needed.


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    nice post..and yes we need a little moisturizer for our face but we must not forget to moisturize the neck area as well.. most women neglect that area and neck wrinkles do not look good.. do visit my blog for more beauty related information.. love ur blog btw :)

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    Hi there! :) So glad that the tip about patting skincare on skin helps you. I use it all the time too and I swear it does make a difference! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    You are very right, the actual amount of moisturizer required is just a pea size rest just goes waste because the skin absorbs a certain amount and whatever above that just sits on the surface of the skin.

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      take a pea size amount of moisturizer in one of your palms.
      run both the palms together to spread the moisturizer.
      place the palms on both the cheeks. press for a second.
      move on to forehead, press for a second then to chin and area between nose and lips and then nose and the eye area. keep pressing on every part of your face lightly. you don’t need to exert any pressure.
      you can do the whole procedure till your palms stop feeling sticky or anything.
      hope this helps :)

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