Giveaway Winners!!!

So, finally, announcing all the confirmed winners of my giveaways :) Megha for the mini-giveaway who opted to shop from and Pranali and Kritika won the Aloe Veda gift hampers. Congrats to all the winners!!!
And, yes, I also wanted to ask you for some remedies for chronic headaches. Looking forward to your comments, ladies and gents, if any :)


  1. RAY says

    Hi….How long have you been having headache?? Unless you treat the cause of headache, you will keep getting it!!

    Congrats to winners!!! Dunno why I never win a giveaway :(

    • says

      I have been having it since friday morning in fact and yesterday, it persisted all through!!! today morning when I got up, its a lot better but still I feel as if it will come back!!!

      haha…giveaways are just luck factors!! don’t worry, you shall soon :)

  2. Pranali says

    i agree with ray. u need to find the triggering factor for headaches or else they would just keep coming back! when i have mild headaches, i either smell a coffee scrub or d vanilla moisturiser. it helps to soothe the headache!

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