Do you wash your face first thing in the morning? {Your Opinion}

When do you wash your face? In the shower or when you brush your teeth? I generally wash my face in the shower, howsoever late that may be. Its very rare that I wash my face first thing in the morning. But, it is supposed to be a good routine to wash your face first thing in the morning to remove all the oil accumulated at night as well as to remove the dead cells which have been accumulated when the skin repairs itself. Also, scrubbing in the morning is said to be extremely beneficial to remove the dead skin cells and reveal glowing skin. So, when do you wash your face?

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  1. Shalini Srivastava says

    I generally splash water, do not use face wash as I have dry skin, do you think washing it with cleanser would be a good idea?

  2. says

    I wash my facewith cold water every morning as its must for me, because night i apply kanti lep, after washin frm water i apply green gram powder and start brushin my teeth for 10-15 mins..later scrub it…wat you think abt this routine,?

    • says

      hmmm…that’s I guess a good routine Simran :) green gram really cleanses the face well :) but, what you do in the shower then??? its just that I feel unclean if I don’t wash my face in the shower!!!

  3. Divine Blush says

    I use to cleanse my face with my khadi cream cleanser for a minute then after brushing my teeth i ll wash my face. if possible i will also apply toner..

    • all that i know says

      swati, oriflame’s essentials 3 in 1 cleanser has been doing wonders for my skin. i am using it for the past 1 year though there have been new introductions from oriflame every now and then. since i am also an amway and avon consultant, if i am stuck with this cleanser then that itself should speak volumes about this product. now my 14yr old daughter also uses this occassionally.
      it comes as a 150ml pack fair enough to go for 2 months. its a pea size that is required for a wash. cleanses the face perfect. the fragrance is too good. mrp is 279.
      just incase u want to try, u cud always mail me

    • all that i know says

      tat is a gud idea. i always used to brush my teeth, apply cleanser and then wash off using a face scrub and face wash in one go. ur routine will let the cleanser stay on the wash for some time thus ensuring better results.hmmmm…. i am gonna change my routine to yours. thnx divine blush….

    • says

      thanks for the oriflame tip :) will surely contact you when I am gonna change…for know, today, only in fact, got lush cleanser ๐Ÿ˜€ I am just hoping it works really well :)

  4. Vanu says

    i wash my face every morning after brushing and never noticed dis practice until u mentioned :p

    Splashing water on face is a practice and never a planned routine for me

    • says

      yeah, me too, Vanu, I always forget to splash water on my face, especially I need more on my eyes to wake me up ๐Ÿ˜€
      haha…I know some things are so ingrained that we don’t often notice it :)

  5. all that i know says

    i wash my face as soon as i brush my teeth. i might brush only after my bed coffee though. and when i wash my face, i add face scrub and face wash together in one go. beleive me, this routine has helped my skin in getting clear a lot

    • all that i know says

      forgot to mention, if i am in a good mood or if i feel the need then i religiously cleanse my face also.

    • says

      hey..what scrub do you use everyday!!! coz, using besan and all are fine but using grains scrub is not exactly a good idea!!
      what you meant by thorough cleansing???

  6. Asimah Sadiqah says

    I wash my face everytime I wake up. :3
    Actually I wash my face around five times a day, hehe. And yes, thoroughly clean up in the shower too.

  7. says

    I wash it right after brushing. I don’t like doing it in the shower, because the water might get too hot for my face – I’ve heard you should only use cool water on your face.

  8. says

    I wash my face right after brushing. I feel very uncomfortable if I haven’t washed my face and all the dirt and oils from the night are still on.

  9. says

    Yes, your skin does get too dry if you wash too much!!! I used to wash twice a day and even then my skin was too dry. I went to a professional and she gave me Glymed Plus gentle wash and now I wash twice a day, everything is clean and moist.

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